Best Golf Irons (2022 Updated): Top 10 Golf Irons To Buy

Best Golf Irons 2019

Are you a golf player?


Whatever every Golfer need the best golf iron to play, so here I have added and reviewed the top 10 best golf irons 2022.

I hope you will agree when I say:

Golf is so difficult without the best Golf iron.

As you know, Golf is not an easy game as the other some games are. You need full focus and better handling to play this game. So, don’t worry if you are not a professional Golfer you can become by playing with the best golf iron.

So, without wasting time, I am going to the show you top 10 best golf irons to buy in 2022. Its difficult to find the best Golf iron but don’t worry I have added pros and cons to each Golf iron which will deep help you. You will discover Golf iron for low and high budgets. Let’s choose your metal according to your demand and requirements.

Best Golf Irons 2022

You need to know that its difficult to choose top 10 Golf irons from several irons, I added top 10 Golf irons on the list after long time research. I hope you will easily select your Golf iron because I have described both affect good and bad so that you can choose your Golf iron easy without any difficulty.

Product ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Titleist 718 AP3Titleist 718 AP3N/ACheck Price
Mizuno MP-5 IronsMizuno MP-5 IronsItem Weight: 8 Pounds
Brand: Mizuno
Material: Alloy Steel
Check Price
TaylorMade M1 Golf Irons setTaylorMade M1 Golf Irons setItem Weight: 7.41 Pounds
Brand: TaylorMade
Material: Graphite
Check Price
Cobra King F6 IronsCobra King F6 IronsItem Weight: N/A
Brand: Cobra Golf
Material: Graphite
Check Price
Mizuno JPX 900 Forged IronsMizuno JPX 900 Forged IronsN/ACheck Price
Callaway Apex CF 16 IronsCallaway Apex CF 16 IronsItem Weight: 1 Grams
Brand: Callaway
Material: Iron
Check Price
Srixon Z 565 Irons SetSrixon Z 565 Irons SetItem Weight: 6.5 Pounds
Brand: Srixon
Material: Iron
Check Price
Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten IronsTour Edge Exotics CB Tungsten IronsN/ACheck Price
Wilson Staff D300 IronsWilson Staff D300 IronsItem Weight: 8 Pounds
Material: Alloy Steel
Check Price
TaylorMade M2 IronsTaylorMade M2 IronsItem Weight: 6 Pounds
Brand: TaylorMade
Material: Graphite
Check Price

I am pretty sure that, after reading our reviews, you will be able to pick the best Irons for your game. Apart from that, you can also find these reviewed Golf items on Amazon as well.

I also added reviews on each product which will help you to choose a suitable product but don’t forget your requirements and demands when selecting a Golf iron. I also added Amazon links to each product. So, you can also buy a Golf iron from our given Amazon links.

1. Titleist 718 AP3 – Best For Both Hands

Titleist 718 AP3

Titleist is one of the best and big company for Golf equipment in the market. Titleist provides the best Golf irons and balls and other stuff. Finally, Titleist released a big product which is known as 718 AP3 Golf iron and now this iron is successfully at the top in the market of Golf.

This Golf iron is built with the latest and advanced level of technology. You can hit the ball long and high with not more effort because of its hollow body and L-face features. Some Golfers are also recommending this Golf iron for a large distance.

Its performance is also best as compare to others, you can play with it quickly, and it also allows a lot of features like off-center hits and pure feel. A big brand with several features is now available in the market.

It allows you a cracking feel when you hit a shot, on the other hand, you will be satisfied with its shots because the point of the shot is significantly captured from this Gold iron.

It looks like a professional Gold iron, and according to some users, compactness and class are also found in it. No doubt you will be satisfied with this Gold iron as many users are fully satisfied.

According to some experts, Titleist 718 AP3 is overall best Golf iron that you can buy in 2022. Its price is very high, but the features are not remarkable.

There are a lot of features found in 718 AP3 Golf iron that’s why its sales and popularity are increasing day by day. A big feature found is that it can be used for both hands left and right. Its stainless Steel body also impressed many users.

The hollow blade design and true temper AMT black design impress its users, on the other hand, regular and stiff flexibility is also found in it.


Maximum Speed
Easy to hit shot
Best for both hands (left and right)
Easy to use in rough patches


Some Golfers not like ridges

2. Mizuno MP-5 Irons – Best Game Improvement Iron

Mizuno MP-5 Irons

When it comes to stylish and well-designed Golf irons, Mizuno MP-5 Irons are best for this. Those who are single-digit handicappers can use this Golf iron without any problem because it’s mainly built for those.

According to some users, Its performance is also best, many top companies have not covered “Channel Back” design, but in this Golf iron, we found this design.

The channel back feature allows more power and stability in the Golf iron by adding mass on the read of iron. According to our testing process, its best for beginners.

MP-5 is advanced and built with the latest technology as compared to MP-4. There is a lot of difference of style and performance in both irons. If you want to play on a grass carpet, this Golf iron will be best for you.

It looks wonderful as compared to others, stylish design is found in it. Forged blades and cavity increases its design and value in the market.

If you want to improve your game, I recommend you to use Mizuno MP-5 Irons. Its best choice for design lovers and game improvers.

A nickel chrome finish is attached to it which increases its looking and design. Overall, a good design found here, if you love the map you can go with it.

Several features are found in Mizuno MP-5, great stability features impressed many Golfers and channeled back design is not remarkable.

MP-5 is fully balanced and has a slim blade, and the excellent flow has also been detected in it. It can be used on low handicap range.


Great performance
Chrome body
Well designed
Extra forgiveness


Difficult to adjust on low handicap

3. TaylorMade M1 Golf Irons set – Best For Long Distance

TaylorMade M1 Golf Irons set

Its difficult to make and provide both look and performance to the Golf iron, but TaylorMade finally released M1 Golf irons which can offer you these both.

The main reason behind its performance is Face Slot, which is the latest technology in the Golf world. You can maintain your long distance with this technology.

Those who want to hit the ball at a long distance can use this Golf iron because it helps in long distance.
Most of the Golfers who are using this iron are satisfied because its blade cavity worked hard.

If you are speed and performance lover, I recommend you to use this Golf iron to improve your game. You will also get good experience with ball hits even.

In the market, when it comes to design TaylorMade is a brand for designed irons. Many users are satisfied with the M1 irons series.

The design and performance are better produced by TaylorMade 1. Design and performance lover and go with this product.

Cavity Design and Face Slot are the best features ever found in M1 irons. Not only these two, but many other features are also found in it.

You will enjoy long distance balls and true temper steel in M1 irons. Tungsten Clubface and eight iron makeup features are not hidden.


Beautiful designed
Best for long distance
Low Centre of Gravity
Less Miss hits
High and better forgiveness level


Edges make its size too large

4. Cobra King F6 Irons – Best For Low Budget

Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra King F6 irons are not remarkable, and this set also has a lot of features with the latest technology. So, you can hit a ball at a long distance without any high power.

Cobra King has an excellent performance in the world of Golf, as they have included jaw-dropping Tecflo design which increases is performance, sales, and demand in the market.

In Cobra King F6 Irons, there are four Golf irons which have different shapes, that’s like by many Golfers.

Overall, looking better performance by Cobra King F6 irons, users are getting maximize forgiveness by Cobra King F6 irons through their heads. All heads are super unique, and many Golfers are satisfied.

Solid wedges are working great for Cobra King F6 irons, full groove and muscle back blade are included in wedges.

An impressive set for Golfers is Cobra King F6 irons, as you have found performance and design both in this set.

A beautiful design found in these irons, overall, it is looking great because of its top line (meaty and solid). Many Golfers like Cobra irons because of its design and performance also shape. Its design well looking in the view of a Golfer.

As the other Golf irons have fantastic features, Cobra irons are not less than anyone. I have detected a lot of features in it. It is looking very irresistible with TECFLO Technology, as a premium chrome coating is also included in it.

There are some Graphite shaft and steel shaft types founded in Cobra King F6 irons. Some different head styles are added to each iron F6. Back design and mind-blowing accuracy are not remarkable features.


 Full balanced
Long Distance
Speed channel sole


Little big for the ball
Graphite shaft too high

5. Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons – Best Forged Iron

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons

You need to know that, when it comes to forged irons Mizuno is best in this business. You will found most irons with forged by Mizuno. Now it’s time to talk about JPX 900 Forged irons.

Well, if you are an investor or want to invest in your Golf game, Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons will be best for you.

No doubt, its performance is also better than some other Golf irons. Because of Boron and steel, it has become stronger that Golfers like.

Most golfers like JPX 900 irons because of its face thickness by the rear cavity, on the other hand, it decreases 21.5g weight from the iron which is unbelievable by a Golfer in his game.

You will get more stability in JPX 900 irons due to great frames which are included in it. Well designed and good looking Golf iron which is a very stylish iron.

We found this overall better but not best. Still, you can use this if you have been aware of its pros and cons.

No doubt, because of its design and better performance its very famous in the world of Golf and many Golfers are using this set of irons. You will give the favorable rating to this set.

Every product is famous and has a high demand because of its features. If there are useful features in any iron, Golfers will love that iron.

A steel and boron head included in JPX 900 irons, graphite shafts and steel shafts are also found here. Chrome finding and cavity back design are some famous and non-remarkable features.

Crisp sound and D2 Swing weight are liked by many Golfers who are using this set of irons.


Powerful steel face
Good for swing
Best for fastest speed of a ball
Excellent Design
Distance Controllable


Low launch
Not longest forgiving

6. Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons – Best Soft Feeling Iron

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons

Many Golfers demand Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons because of its design, tech, and some other features. These irons are not remarkable, and you can improve your game with these.

Callaway APEX CF 16 has come with the latest technology, and the ever best performance has been giving to its users. You can control the ball and feel exceptional with this Golf iron.

Dynamics of the category has been changed by Callaway in this iron, without any rocket science you can use this.

When it comes to the balance of the irons, most users are satisfied with its balance performance. If you are speed lover and want to control your ball, you can go with this.

You need to know that you get the offer of great extravagance by Carbon Steel Forged iron. Indulgence is essential for Golfers during their game.

You can hit shots easily with these irons at any point where you want. It looks very genius according to the view of Golfers. It will boost your game, go it with if you are at an intermediate level in Golf.

No doubt that this iron is built with the latest technology, and available on Amazon (You can buy this item from our given link with discount). Liked by many Golfers, let’s try it.

Every Callaway product has fantastic features, and we also found some great features in this Golf iron. With the latest technology, you will get 360 Face-Up in it.

Matte Satin chrome finish is also available in it, on the other hand, Forged carbon steel are also included.

Not only these, but a 1-year warranty is also included in the package (Warranty is only available if you buy from our given link on Amazon). Steel shafts with true temper are also added in Apex CF 16 irons.


Build with advanced technology
Forging feature
Easy to play with it
Distance controllable


Not best for higher handicappers

7. Srixon Z 565 Irons Set – Best Spin Controllable Iron

Srixon Z 565 Irons Set

When it comes to Srixon, it best for single-digit handicappers. Its Z 565 Irons set is fantastic, used and recommended by many Golfers. If you need a lot of control and feel, you can go with this one.

Some users noted its performance, and it’s not normal, good performance with excellent balance in the Golf iron.

You need to know that for a Golfer it has a great importance that he/she get feeling from iron. This Golf iron is best for feeling lovers.

Some customers noticed its controllability and found its excellent. You will get more controllability and more spin control in this iron.

According to Golfers, you can hit long shots with this as well as short distance shots. In our testing process, we found this iron best for game improvement. You will lose hits in very low numbers and find this best in quality.

Excellent design found in Srixon Z 565 irons set, entirely it can give you good feelings during the game, on another way, some Golfers like this club because of its design.

Overall, we found this set of irons better than some other set. If you want to improve your game, it’s an excellent package for you. All features are fantastic, made with the latest technology. No more words have about it…

If we compare it, we can say that some parts (e.g., chrome, final finish) made with the latest technology which increases design and makes it more comfortable.

Some features are cool in this club, Many Golfers like spin controllability and spring steel faces. Not only these but some other features I also want to explain.

Chrome finish, bit small look, back and front design, graphite shafts, and steel shafts are some incredible features found in these clubs.


Excellent Forgiveness
Chrome finish
Spin controllability
Awesome design


Little bit expensive

8. Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten Irons – Best For Innovation

Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten Irons

Finally, the time has come to go with Pro clubs, Tour Edge decided to launch Pro edition in Exotics CB, and now they have got success by starting pro clubs. According to some Golfers, Tour Edge will increase its sales in future because of launching Pro edition.

When it comes to any Pro edition of any product, absolutely performance should be improved and the same found in this Pro edition.

After spending some time, we can say it stylish and well designed and can give feeling to the player during the gaming when hitting a ball. It can work for both distances (short and long).

As with the Pro edition, tungsten is also included in it which increases its design and performance both. Overall, you can also improve your game with this club because of its latest features. On the other hand, production is not normal, and you will get a better experience with this Golf iron.

First and last Pro iron in our list, you can get great feel and experience with good performance from this iron. We can also say it best for low budget.

Proper design of these Pro irons, entirely well designed that’s why liked by many Golfers. It has been generating a lot of sales on a daily bases because of its performance and design.

In this pro edition, Tour edge added some advanced features like Tungsten Nickel Alloy sole. Muscle back cavity and great feelings are also great features which increase its demand and value in the market.
8 Flexibility and Graphite shafts and steel shafts are already included in this pro edition.


Good balance found
Not expensive


Some Golfers missed many hits with this iron

9. Wilson Staff D300 Irons – Best Iron For Maximum Distance

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Thanks to Wilson Staff to provide D300 irons for maximum distance and excellent performance with forgiveness. D300 clubs are specially built to provide max distance to the users. And successfully some Golfers are pleased with this iron.

The holes of D300 irons filled with urethane, which help a Golfer to get better flexibility. D300 clubs are built with the latest technology that’s why you will get long distance shot with these.

If we compare to feel of D300 irons, it is the best feel irons in Wilson Staff. To get more distance, controllability and great feeling, you can Wilson Staff D300 Irons.

Almost good looking irons, well designed with the latest technology. Cavity back design and head balance are some great features for Golfers.

Excellent performance and high efficiency found in these irons because of the latest technology. These are good but expensive.

As the product is excellent and features must be outstanding. Not all but some great features are included in this product. Wilson Staff specially added their traction grip to these irons.

Almost all the steel material used in these irons with shaft flexibility and cavity back design. KBS Tour 80 steel shaft is also included in it.


Good accuracy
Awesome feeling
Shiny finish
Great forgiving
Face Flex Technology


Not best for high handicappers

10. TaylorMade M2 Irons – Best Golf Iron Ever

TaylorMade M2 Irons

Once again TaylorMade irons are included in our top 10 best Golf clubs list. After M1 Irons set, M2 are now available in the market. CG (Centre of Gravity) is added at a low level in these clubs.

Overall better performance noted by some Golfers, some great and advanced features has been added with latest and advanced level of technology.

TaylorMade added steep landing angle in these irons, and you can get better speed and distance with this feature. We can say these are the best accuracy Golf irons.

Those who are forgiveness, distance control lover, can use these irons without any second question. Well designed and good looking iron, on the other hand, you will get this iron with full balanced.

These irons are best for those Golfers who want to hit long distance shots. On the other hand, you will get a better response with these irons.

Cavity Back Design, Graphite Shafts, and Steel shafts features are included in it. On the other hand, Loft is also found in these irons. Flexibility is also another great feature you will get from M2 Irons.


Great Feeling
Centre of Gravity at a low level
Excellent Speed and controllability
Easy to hit long distance shots


The weight of Face slots is not working for all Golfers

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