Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Rules For Disclosure Compliance

As in 2018, FTC (known as Federal Trade Commision) showed their new rules for Disclosure Compliance.

According to their new rules, every reader or viewer need to know all about affiliate links. If the content is sponsored, publisher or partnered with any company the readers should be aware of this.

Tech Drinking is associated with Amazon Affiliate Program and get a small commision when readers purchase any product our given links.

For your information, I am going to explain all about here.

What is Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a link which an associated company gives to the web owner or publisher to get sales from that link. Tech Drinking will get a small commision from an associated company when you will purchase a product from our give link.

There are two types of Affiliate links we included:

1. Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon Affiliate links are those which we get directly from Amazon and when people make a purchase through our affiliate link we will get small commision from Amazon.

2. Products Affiliate Links

After Amazon, we come on product affiliate links, those links which we get from any associated company to make their sales and get commision.

TechDrinking accepts both Amazon and Products based links, if you want to advertise with us we welcome you.