Best RC Cars (2021 Updated) – Top 10 RC Cars Review

Best RC Cars

Are you new or old to racing?
You need a best RC Car to drive.

I have found top 10 best Remote Control Cars that you can buy. Its all depends on your budget, and some RC cars are costly while some are cheap.

Here you can go to the list if you want to see basic otherwise you can read buyer’s guide.

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Here you can find the list of the best RC cars.

Best RC Cars 2021

  • Weight : 2.97 pounds
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  • Weight : 3.9 pounds
Check Price
  • Weight : 1.15 pounds
Check Price
  • Weight : 3.9 pounds
Check Price
  • Weight : 2.7 pounds
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  • Weight : 4.76 pounds
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  • Weight : 7.01 pounds
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  • Weight : 7.3 pounds
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  • Weight : 1 pounds
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  • Weight : 2.65 pounds
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If you are an adult or a kid, you have to do something about driving RC car. When it comes to price most of the people want to buy the cheap RC car.

All the electric RC cars are available in the market. Some of them consist of a remote with a camera while some don’t have a camera with the remote.

These RC cars available for sale, I have added Amazon links for each product, you can buy RC cars from Amazon through the given links.

Some RC cars are fast which can be used as racing while some cars don’t have fast speed. You can choose any remote control car according to your demand.

Here I have explained the top RC cars that you can buy from the Amazon. Now I am going to tell about each item or product on by one. If you need to know the necessary things you can read our reviews on all the products.

Keep in your mind that we don’t sell any product, we just help you to choose the suitable product for you and save your money.

Let’s go and read all about best RC cars:

1. Exceed RC Electric DriftStar – Best Overall

Exceed RC Electric DriftStar
Buy From Amazon

Exceed RC Electric Driftstar is an overall best RC car on our list.

It is also best for entertainment, and you can control it with a remote as it is considered as a full controllable RC car.

Exceed RC Electric DriftStar is best for the kids. It is available in many colors (green, red, blue & more).

A four-wheel drive system is included in this Remote Control car. On the other hand, we find the best and excellent front camber and toe-in setup.

The motor attached to this RC Car is known as RC 540 motor, and the motor is very powerful as we have a requirement. You can also go it with a long drive shaft.

Its high-performance front differentials increase its value and demand in the market.

According to our testing process, we found that Exceed RC Drift Star is overall best. So, it is a best RC Car that we can use.

On the other hand, there is an excellent exceed RC electric drift start model that is released with its new generation of 1/10 scale. For those who want both indoor and outdoor drifting, this model of RC car is best.

A powerful programmable 45amp brushless ESC and brushless motor are combined in this RC car, that’s why according to our team its a best RC car we found in the market. On the other hand, the four-wheel-drive system is also available in it.

Exceed RC Drift Star can be turned easily and quickly. These are some great features in it by which user can use it efficiently.

Its powerful motor increases its value. I will not waste your time you can go next without further ado.

Now you can read its features and cons and pros below:

Let’s take a look at its features:

Exceed RC Drift Star has many features with the advanced level of technology. It has a powerful motor known as RC 540 motor. Its high-performance front differentials are genuinely impressive for its users.

Its four-wheel drive system is thriving as if we compare with other RC Cars. Complete ball bearings are available for a smooth and an efficient drive.

A quick response RC car, users can get the response quickly & easily. The best feature is that you can go to it for a long drive or run time. You can easily control it with 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver.

It comes with great rear/front camber and toe-in setup. The reliable and consistent power for high-performance drift driving comes from KV 3300 Brushless motor.

  • Great & Excellent Design
  • Very stylish
  • One of the professional RC Car
  • Fast Speed
  • Available in many colors
  • Very difficult to drive
  • Not in simple design & style

2. GMAXT S913 RC Truck – Runner-Up: Best Overall

GMAXT S913 RC Truck
Buy From Amazon

GMAXT S913 RC Truck is the runner-up best overall car on our list.

This RC car is well designed and very stylish. This is the runner-up best overall, it can become best overall in the future, but it needs some more features to come in the first number.

I don’t want to waste your time if you’re going to buy the RC car you can buy from Amazon (Links are given in the table added on headings).

Some of the best features in this RC car are that without any problem you can drive or control this brilliant car in the wet mud, grass, sand, and swampland.

When it comes to off-road cars we need to add this one to the list. In other words, I can say it the off-road-friendly RC car.

GMAXT S913 RC Truck is runner-up overall best RC truck that you can buy from the market. According to our test process, this RC truck has many features. You can read it review here:

S913 has a high quality and high-power motor, and it can go as fast as you can run it, the maximum speed that we noticed is 38km/h.

A best RC car that you can drive off-road without any difficulty. Traxxas RC trucks and cars have a 2.4Ghz radio system. That’s why Traxxas has more value and demand if we compare to other.

On the other hand, its design is user-friendly, has a high transmitter and receiver that helps it to go fast.

The good thing is that S913 has waterproof features. If we review terrain patterns this truck can go fast on sand land, grass, flip and strong climbing and be turning.

With the latest technology, you can control this RC truck perfectly and easily.

The specifications of S913 are not brilliant but we can say OK, the radio system is working successfully and will take about 150-180 minutes to charge which is too long. Its play time is only 10-12 minutes, most users are not satisfied with its play time.

You can control it at the distance of 328ft/100m, which is short. Forward / Backward, Left / Right and crawling, these are some functions included in it.

The weight of the item is 3.9 pounds and the dimensions are 12.2 x 6.2 x 10.4 inches and the only 1 lithium ion battery is required for this.

Here now you can check its pros and cons.

  • Excellent Design
  • User-Friendly
  • Off-road Master
  • Fast Speed 38km/h
  • Waterproof feature
  • Some time can’t run in the water
  • Can’t give responve quickly
  • Battery life is only 10-12 minutes
  • Charging time is 150-180 minutes which is too long

3. KingPow 2WD RC Car – Best Off-Road Car

KingPow 2WD RC Car
Buy From Amazon

Finally going to surprise you with the best off-road RC car. On the third number, Kingpow 2WD RC car comes with some great features.

An awesome off-road RC car that has a strong motor and many other features are also included in it. Shockproof system and 2.4Ghz radio system is available in it.

This RC car is suitable for different types of the places like grass, sand etc. Its battery is rechargeable and considered as a high power battery.

I am going to explain its features and review it.

According to our testing process, I can say that it is the best off-road RC car on the market.

As it has a strong motor that allows high speed and strong power. The maximum speed of this RC car is 25km/h.

Its 4 wheels independent suspension system is designed beautifully and increases its demand in the market.

A 2.4Ghz radio system is also included in it, the car can be forward, backward, turn left and turn right and can do drift.

The control system of this car is almost OK, you can control this RC car at the distance of 80 meters.

Now here I am going to explain its features or specifications.

I reviewed it in the above section, now here I am going to show its features that you can read now.

A best RC Car that is suitable for many roads, you can drive this car on grass, sand, gravel. On the other hand, it can climb 45 degrees slope easily without any issue.

700MAh battery is attached to it, the average battery charging time is 45 minutes and you can go about 10-15 minutes with its drive time.

The weight of this item is about 2.7 pounds.

Check its pros and cons:

  • Excellent Design
  • Successful 2.4Ghz radio system
  • Off-road Expert
  • Fast Speed 25km/h
  • Charging time is good (45min)
  • Not for water
  • Only 80 meter control distance
  • Battery life is only 10-15 minutes

4. Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno – Best For Kids

Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno
Buy From Amazon

This RC car comes from the Holy Stone and known as Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno. The best RC car for kids, 6 years old or up children can use this.

Holy Stones released this RC car with the best features for kids. It has a cool style that attracts its users. Best surprise or gift for kids but there is one problem that not so good on carpet, but good on the road.

Its unique controller performs the best function, and the lumbar door button increases its value. Its battery is rechargeable that’s a good service for its users.

Lamborghini Veneno comes from Holy Stone. According to our testing process, the best RC car for kids. The best for 6 years or up children.

Some of its cool features are awesome like forwarding, Back, Left, Right etc. The light system, Absorber, and operating lever are also best for its users.

The gravity control system is strong that’s why most of the customers like this RC car.

Finally, I recommend you to buy this car for the kids.

I have also explained its features.

When it comes to its features, most of the customers are satisfied. The best gift for kids, you can gift this RC car to your son or grandson.

Its design is very stylish that increases its demand in the market. There are a lot of advanced features in it.

The speed of this car is best as it can go with the high-speed 20mph. There are two rechargeable batteries (3x’AA’ battery transmitter sold separately). The no. 1 Hobby RC car that you can buy.

The cons and pros have added below.

  • Best For Kids
  • Easy To Use/Drive
  • Best Gift for birthday
  • Great Design
  • Very Stylish
  • Not good for carpet
  • Quality not good

5. Top Race RC Monster Truck – Best For Budget

Top Race RC Monster Truck
Buy From Amazon

The cheap RC Truck on our list, Top Race RC Monster Truck comes with the best price and also the great features included in this RC truck.

If you have a low budget, you can buy this one from the market. It’s the best budget RC truck on the market.

You can buy this RC truck with just $30 or less, I have added a link, you can buy from Amazon through my link.

According to our testing process, Top Race RC Monster Truck is best on a low budget. It does not only available on a low budget but also has great features that attract its users.

When it comes to off-road trucks, we need to add this one to the list because it is also best for off-road.

The best RC car for kids that provide fun. One of the great features is that it is waterproofed and suitable for a drive in any type of terrain.

On the other hand, you can also make this car climb and crash according to your demand.

I have also explained its features.

There are a lot of features of this RC truck. Its 4 wheel drive system is very strong as compared to others. You can drive it on grass, gravel, mud and on stones, everywhere you want because of its anti-skid tires.

Its featuring RC powerful motor allows you to drive it at a long distance. The off-road feature of this truck is awesome, as it can go at off-road.

The RC (Remote Control) rock crawler comes with 7 AA strong battery. And the transmitter 2.4Ghz also included in its features.

Let’s check its Pros and Cons.

  • Best For low budget
  • Strong Battery
  • Powerful Transmitter
  • Best for off-road
  • Some features may be not good
  • Not very stylish

6. Traxxas Slash 2WD – Best For High Budget

Buy From Amazon

Traxxas Slash 2WD is a best and high-performance truck, which you can use as an off-road truck. On the other hand, you can also use it for racing purposes.

The seven-cell powerful battery also included in it, you can also attach more batteries to increase its timing.

Its tires are also designed beautifully, overall has a good design. Now let’s read our reviews and its features below.

According to our test process, Traxxas Slash 2WD is best for high budget, off-road and racing.

80% of customers are satisfied with this item, I hope it will be best for you if you will use it in racing.

Some people are not satisfied with its battery, you can attach one more high-power battery with it.

You need to also buy an AC Charger to use it in a better way. So, we recommend this for a high budget because most of the features are working better.

Its features are awesome and best according to the price.

A lot of features are included in this RC truck, that’s why its price is very high.

The components (used in this product) are very high-quality, the 2.4Ghz radio system is also best.

The best feature (according to our process) is that this truck is waterproofed. And the motor is almost good, but not excellent.

A DC charger is also included in it, but some customers are not satisfied with DC charger. A waterproof receiver box is also available with it.

  • Best For high budget
  • Good Design
  • Available in more than three colors
  • Best for off-road
  • Battery is not powerful, but OK
  • Customers are not satisfied with its battery

7. Traxxas Rustler – Best For Hobby

Buy From Amazon

Rustler XL-5 also comes from Traxxas (The company founded in 1986 in the USA, the headquarters are located in McKinney, Texas, USA). Rustler is the second best Rc Truck from Traxxas.

The Rustler is one of the best truck for the hobby. The first version of this RC truck was released over 20 years ago, and now it has a lot of versions.

We can also customize it and repair because there are several repairing and customizing options. We can easily repair and customize it.

According to our test process, Traxxas Slash 2WD is best for the hobby, high speed and racing.

Over 90% of customers are satisfied with this RC truck because its features and specs are working 100%.

You can enjoy it a long time as the other people are doing. Beginners can also use this because it’s easy to use. On the other hand, the performance is brilliant and handling is also good.

A best RC truck has always best features as we found in Traxxas Rustler. The speed can reach the maximum level up to 35mph and the waterproof feature is also included in it.

A 2.1GHz radio system is available in it, and you can use it anywhere as in water, mud, and snow. Traxxas has included 8.4V battery and a fast charger DC in it.

You can also control its speed with XL-5 Electronic, a pinion gear specially built in Traxxas Rustler XL-5.

Its high current connectors allow the battery to get the energy to a limit to work fine and perfect.

  • Best For hobby
  • Very stylish
  • Available in more than three colors
  • Best for snow, mud and water
  • Some features are missing
  • A high budget

8. Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy – Best For Racing

Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy
Buy From Amazon

Redcat provides the best RC car that we can use for the racing purpose. The best for those, who want to find the stylish, and a good designed car. We can’t leave this RC car because of its style and racing features.

All the parts of this car have been attached carefully and have good style. That’s why its demand and value is very high in the market.

A lot of features we found in this RC car, it can give us the best output. The main features are explained below and we also reviewed it.

In our testing process, most of the customers are satisfied with this RC model. 117 people reviewed it on Amazon, 57% and fully satisfied while 12% are not satisfied.

Racing is the best feature for us, best for those who are looking for an RC racing car.

Some features are missing, but it can satisfy its users with just a few features like high speed, best for racing etc. We noticed its speed maximum of 35 to 40 mph.

On the other hand, it can run just for 35 to 40 minutes. So we recommend this for racing purpose.

There are no many features in this RC car, but the available features are awesome like high speed, and racing.

An electric brushless RC-540 motor is included in it. The transmission forward and reverse feature increases its demand and value.

A 2.4GHz radio system is also available here, charger and a battery also included in it.

If you will buy it on Amazon from our given link, you will get full battery information in detail and full documentation.

  • Best For racing or high-speed
  • Very stylish
  • Powerful battery is included in it
  • You can use it on wet grass
  • Some advanced features are missing
  • A high budget but only few features

9. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car – Best For Toddlers

Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car
Buy From Amazon

Holy Stone has released an awesome RC car for toddlers. You know there is a great fun for adults but not for toddlers, that’s why we found the best car for a toddler.

A lot of features are missing in this car like waterproof, off-road and many more but best for 18 months and up kids, children.

The best RC model for beginners with just a few features. So we can say it the best gift for toddlers.

According to our test process, the best RC car for toddlers. We highly recommend this RC car for children.

The best for those who are looking for a car for their kids. Only some features have included, not advanced features available.

1,026 customers reviewed this on Amazon, 76% of customers are fully satisfied while 5% are not satisfied with this RC car.

The weight of this item is 1.1 pound that is good. So, we recommend this car for toddlers.

As I said that there are no several features in this car but some features are available that increases its demand and value.

Radio music is available here and Honking sounds are also included in the features. We can’t forget Flashing Headlights.

The forward and reverse left options are awesome for kids. So let’s bring fun for your family and give a gift to your beloved child.

  • Best For kids
  • Very stylish and cartoon designed
  • Music is available
  • Hoking sounds
  • Some advanced features are missing
  • Just for kids

10. RASTAR Ferrari Laferrari – Best For Kids

RASTAR Ferrari Laferrari
Buy From Amazon

I hope you all the guys know the Ferrari car, here Ferrari car comes in the shape of a toy.

Ferrari is the official license model in the market, and you can see that the open doors of this car that increases its design and demand in the market.

Very stylish car and best for kids, You can read our review of it below and also its features.

We recommend this for kids because of a low budget. Ferrari is one of the most famous car in the world and now it comes in the form of a toy.

393 customers reviewed this car on Amazon, 66% of customers are fully satisfied while 14% of customers are not satisfied.

There are 4.0 out of 5 stars, it means Ferrari is the best product and you can buy this from Amazon via our given links.

Ferrari has not a lot of features, there are only a few features in Ferrari because it is specially built for kids.

Plastic is used in this car and officially licensed 50100 car. Radio control feature is available, you can control it with a remote.

It can forward, reverse, stop, left and right with a remote. Open doors increase its demand and value.

  • Best For kids
  • Same as real Ferrari
  • Open doors
  • Functions are radio controlled
  • Some advanced features are missing
  • Just for kids

Buyer’s Guide:

Before buying any RC car you should read the buyer’s guide to buy the best and professional RC car. There are a lot of things you need to know before finding an RC car for your beloved.

Here I have explained the best RC cars that you can buy from the market. I have given links to all the products, you can buy from these links on Amazon. I am going to explain about the best RC cars.

You need to understand that before finding or choosing an RC car, there is a great difference between a hobby car and a toy type car. So be careful in the case of choosing a Remote Control car.

In explanation, there are many things you need to think about before choosing or buying a car. Racing, hobby, toy are the main categories in remote control cars. Let me explain the categories of RC cars.

  • Drift: Drift cars are those which slip on the road and these car are best only for the road, it so difficult to drive these cars off-road.
  • Street: Streetcars are almost similar to the drift cars. These are those remote control cars that we can drive in the street.
  • Buggy: Buggy are those cars which can be used as racing cars and their shape is very different from other normal cars.
  • Trucks: In the RC cars we can also add RC trucks to the list because these are similar to RC cars and very famous.
  • Truggy: Truggy are similar to buggy, the difference is that truggy is for off-road and buggy is for on-road.

Best RC Cars for Kids:

Here I have described three best RC cars for kids. The following three remote control cars you can buy for kids.

Best RC car under 100:

There are many best RC cars under 100 dollars, on the list, I have added some best RC cars under $100.

Best RC car brand:

According to our list, the some best RC car brands are Exceed, GMaxt, Kingpow and Holy Stone. You can buy an RC car or truck from any of these brands because these are all trusted.

Best RC car for the money:

If you are looking for the best RC car for the money, you can go with Kingpow 2WD RC Truck. It depends on your money, if you have a high budget you can buy expensive one otherwise go with cheap.

Best RC cars under 200:

If you need best RC cars under 200 dollars, you can go with Traxxas Rustler. The best choice for you to get the best remote control car under $200.

Best RC car under 50:

The best choice for you to get best RC car under 50 dollar is Top Race RC Monster Truck. It will be best under $50.

Best RC car transmitter:

If you need the best RC car transmitter, first you need to understand your purpose behind this. For example, if you need a transmitter for racing, a hobby it will be different from others transmitters.

Best RC car for 5-year-old:

Holy Stone RC cartoon race car will be best RC car for 5 years old. This car is mainly built for toddlers, so it will a good choice to buy this one for a small child.

Best RC cars under 300:

Traxxas SLASH is best for those who are looking for the best RC cars under 300 dollars. You can buy it on Amazon through our given link.

Best RC cars on Amazon:

I have given all the Amazon links to each product in this post. If you want to buy any product from Amazon just visit our specific link to purchase.

Top 10 RC Cars (Infographic):

We have created a special infographic for the top 10 RC cars. Here below you can see the list of best Remote Control cars.

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