What Do Foxes Eat Minecraft

Title: What Do Foxes Eat in Minecraft? A Comprehensive Guide


In the expansive world of Minecraft, players encounter a plethora of creatures, each with its own unique behaviors and characteristics. One such creature is the fox, known for its cunning nature and adorable appearance. But what exactly do foxes eat in Minecraft? In this guide, we’ll delve into the dietary habits of these virtual creatures, exploring their preferences and behaviors to help you better understand and interact with them in the game.

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Understanding Foxes in Minecraft

Before we delve into their diet, let’s take a moment to understand the behavior of foxes in Minecraft. These cunning creatures roam the forests and taigas, often found darting among the trees or hiding in burrows. In addition to their playful antics, foxes serve a practical purpose in the game, as they can be tamed and bred for various benefits.

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Fox Diet Basics

Foxes in Minecraft are omnivores, meaning they consume a variety of foods ranging from plant matter to meat. Their diet is reflective of their real-life counterparts, with a few notable differences for gameplay purposes. Here’s a breakdown of what foxes eat in Minecraft:

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  1. Berries: Foxes have a particular affinity for berries, including sweet berries and berries from bushes found in the game. They’ll eagerly seek out these tasty treats as part of their natural foraging behavior.

  2. Meat: Like many carnivores, foxes in Minecraft also consume meat. They’ll scavenge for raw meat dropped by other animals or obtained through hunting. This can include raw chicken, raw rabbit, raw beef, and more.

  3. Fish: In aquatic environments, foxes may also feast on fish, making them a versatile predator capable of adapting to different habitats within the game.

Taming and Feeding Foxes

Players have the option to tame and breed foxes in Minecraft, adding an extra layer of interaction with these creatures. Tamed foxes can serve as loyal companions, aiding players in various tasks. To tame a fox, players can offer it their favorite food, which is typically sweet berries. Once tamed, players can breed foxes by feeding them additional berries, leading to the creation of adorable fox kits.

FAQs About Fox Diets in Minecraft

Q: Can foxes eat cooked meat in Minecraft?
A: No, foxes in Minecraft prefer raw meat over cooked meat. They will only consume cooked meat if no other options are available.

Q: Do foxes attack chickens in Minecraft?
A: Yes, foxes are natural predators of chickens in Minecraft. They will hunt and attack chickens, so players should be cautious when introducing them to the same environment.

Q: What happens if you overfeed a fox in Minecraft?
A: Overfeeding a fox in Minecraft can lead to it regurgitating items it has consumed, similar to real-life behavior. This can be both amusing and useful for players looking to retrieve specific items.


Understanding what foxes eat in Minecraft is essential for players looking to interact with these creatures effectively. By offering them their favorite foods and observing their behaviors, players can tame, breed, and even utilize foxes for various purposes within the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your Minecraft journey, knowing how to cater to the needs of these virtual foxes adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to the gameplay experience.

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