How To Learn Guitar Reddit

How to Learn Guitar on Reddit: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners


Learning to play the guitar can be a rewarding journey, and with the wealth of information available on Reddit, it becomes even more accessible. In this guide, we’ll explore the various subreddits, resources, and strategies to help you kickstart your guitar learning adventure.

Subreddits for Guitar Enthusiasts

Reddit serves as a hub for guitarists of all skill levels to connect, share tips, and seek advice. Here are some key subreddits you should explore:


This subreddit is a melting pot for guitarists worldwide. From gear discussions to playing techniques, you’ll find a vibrant community ready to assist.

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Dedicated specifically to learners, this subreddit offers a supportive environment for beginners seeking guidance and sharing progress.


For those in search of structured lessons and tutorials, this subreddit provides a curated selection of resources.

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Resources for Learning

When it comes to learning guitar on Reddit, the community offers a treasure trove of resources. Here are some must-visit places:

Online Courses and Lessons

Explore platforms like JustinGuitar, Yousician, and Fret Trainer for comprehensive lessons suitable for all skill levels.

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YouTube Channels

From Marty Music to GuitarLessons365Song, YouTube hosts numerous channels with detailed tutorials covering a wide range of genres.

Tabs and Chords

Platforms like Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr are invaluable for finding tabs and chords for your favorite songs.

Tips for Effective Learning

Embarking on your guitar learning journey requires a strategic approach. Consider these tips for efficient progress:

Set Realistic Goals

Break down your learning process into achievable milestones, making the journey more manageable and motivating.

Consistent Practice

Dedicate regular time to practice. Short, focused sessions are often more effective than sporadic, lengthy ones.

Join Challenges and Jams

Participate in online challenges or jam sessions to engage with the community and boost your playing skills.

Troubleshooting Common Challenges

As a beginner, you might encounter challenges. Here’s how to overcome some common stumbling blocks:

Finger Soreness

Use lighter gauge strings, practice proper finger placement, and take breaks to prevent soreness.

Strumming and Picking Difficulties

Practice with a metronome, start slow, and gradually increase your speed to enhance strumming and picking skills.

Staying Motivated

Mix up your practice routine, learn songs you love, and celebrate small victories to maintain motivation.

FAQ Section

Q1: How long does it take to learn guitar?

A1: The time to learn guitar varies, but with consistent practice, many beginners start playing simple songs within a few months.

Q2: Should I learn acoustic or electric guitar first?

A2: It depends on your musical preferences. Acoustic guitars are great for beginners, while electric guitars offer more versatility in terms of playing styles.

Q3: Are online lessons effective?

A3: Yes, many beginners find online lessons effective. Platforms like JustinGuitar provide structured courses for learners of all levels.

Q4: How can I overcome stage fright?

A4: Gradual exposure, practicing in front of friends, and joining supportive communities can help ease stage fright.

By navigating the wealth of information on Reddit and incorporating effective learning strategies, you’ll find your guitar playing skills blossoming. Remember, the key is consistent practice and active engagement within the supportive guitar community. Happy playing!

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