How To Contact Uber Usa

Title: Navigating Uber Support: How to Contact Uber USA for Seamless Assistance


In the fast-paced world of ridesharing, having a reliable method to contact Uber USA is crucial for both riders and drivers. Whether you need help with a recent trip, have a payment issue, or simply want to provide feedback, this guide will walk you through the various ways to connect with Uber’s customer support.

Section 1: Accessing Uber Support Online

1.1 Visit the Uber Help Center

Uber’s Help Center is a comprehensive resource for addressing common queries. Here’s how you can access it:

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  • Open your web browser and go to Uber Help Center.
  • Explore the categories or use the search bar for specific topics.

1.2 Use the Uber App

For app-related issues, reach out through the Uber app:

  • Open the app and tap on the menu icon.
  • Go to “Help” and select a relevant topic.

Section 2: Contacting Uber Support Directly

2.1 In-App Support

Uber offers an in-app support feature, ensuring immediate assistance:

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  • Open the Uber app.
  • Navigate to the “Help” section and choose “Contact us.”

2.2 Uber Phone Support

Uber provides a helpline for urgent issues. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Uber app.
  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Select “Settings” and then “Help.”
  • Choose “Call Support.”

Section 3: Writing to Uber Support

3.1 Email Support

Reach out via email for non-urgent matters:

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  • Compose an email to
  • Clearly outline your concern in the subject line.

3.2 Social Media Channels

Engage with Uber through their social media platforms:

Section 4: Uber Greenlight Hubs

4.1 In-Person Assistance

For face-to-face support, visit an Uber Greenlight Hub:

Section 5: FAQs – Your Questions Answered

5.1 How can I track my driver?

  • Open the Uber app.
  • Tap on the active trip and select “Share status.”

5.2 What payment methods does Uber accept?

  • Uber accepts credit cards, debit cards, and various digital wallets.

5.3 How can I report a lost item?

  • Navigate to the Uber app.
  • Select the menu icon and tap on “Your Trips.”
  • Choose the trip where you left your item and follow the prompts.

5.4 Can I schedule a ride in advance?

  • Yes, you can schedule a ride in advance using the Uber app.

5.5 How do I dispute a charge?

  • Visit the Uber Help Center and select “Report an issue with a completed trip.”


Contacting Uber USA is a straightforward process with multiple channels to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer online support, in-app assistance, or face-to-face help at a Greenlight Hub, Uber ensures a seamless experience for its users. Feel confident navigating the world of ridesharing with the knowledge that support is just a click or a call away.

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