12 Best Gaming Mouse 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the best gaming mouse is tricky, but we’re here to help. My gaming mouse recommendations are based on years worth of testing hundreds of gaming mice.

At the bottom of the page, I’ve provided a general guide so you can choose the best gaming mouse depending on your favorite games, hand size, and more.

Best Gaming Mouse 2022

We’ve also tested a lot of gaming mice, and there are definitely better and worse options than choosing the best graphics card. Though we took critics’ and users’ feedback into account in making our picks, they still should not be considered an exact ranking, but rather a starting point for your own experimentation. We likely considered your favorite mouse, but ultimately selected another option.

In order to make things easier for you, we’ve included quick links to our eleven current mouse selections – along with detailed information about how to measure your hand size, whether wireless is even necessary, and other common questions.

Best Gaming Mouse In 2022

Product ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Glorious Model OItem Weight: 2.36 Ounces
Brand: Glorious PC Gaming Race
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price
Roccat Kone Pro/Kone Pro AirBrand: ROCCAT
Color: Black
Connectivity Technology: USB 2.0 Internet connection
Check Price
SteelSeries Rival 3Brand: SteelSeries
Color: Black
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price
Corsair Katar Pro WirelessBrand: Corsair
Style: Wireless
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Check Price
Asus ROG Keris WirelessBrand: ASUS
Style: Keris Wireless
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB
Check Price
Logitech G Pro X SuperlightBrand: Logitech G
Color: Black
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price
Logitech G502 LightspeedBrand: Logitech G
Color: Black
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price
Razer Viper MiniBrand: Razer
Color: Classic Black
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price
Corsair Sabre RGB ProBrand: Corsair
Style: RGB PRO
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price
Corsair Scimitar RGB EliteBrand: Corsair
Color: Black
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Check Price
Vaxee Zygen NP-01N/ACheck Price
Corsair Dark Core RGB ProBrand: Corsair
Color: Black
Connectivity Technology: USB
Check Price

1. Glorious Model O – Best Gaming Mouse Overall

Glorious is a newcomer to PC gaming with its ultra-light gaming mouse that weighs just 68 grams. It’s a solid design and very comfortable to use despite its lightweight.

With its lightweight, the Model O is easier to flick onto a target in shooters like Counter-Strike than other lightweight mice like the 80g Logitech G Pro Wireless or the 91g SteelSeries Rival 110.

This cable is much more flexible than a typical rubber or braided cable, making it closer to wireless than rubber or braided cable. A PixArt 3360 optical sensor, a soft-notched scroll wheel, clicky Omron buttons, and RGB lighting are also included.

The software is also fine, providing full access to settings and not too many distractions. Also, the software is decent, since you have full control over your settings, but there are few other distractions.

Model O measures 128mm/5″ long and 63mm/2.5″ wide, and uses an asymmetrical design (apart from the side buttons), so it should be suitable for almost all right- and left-handed users alike.

It is also affordably priced compared to other ultralight designs. For example, the matte model is £50/$50 and the glossy version is £5/$5. Thus, the Model O is easily the best gaming mouse we have ever tested.


Fast clicks with low latency
Feels very solid and well-constructed
It is one of the lightest mice we have tested
A lightweight cable along with a flexible design


It may not be suitable for small hands

2. Roccat Kone Pro / Kone Pro Air

A solid body wireless mouse measuring 126mm long and 72mm wide, the Roccat Kone Pro Air offers a great feature set and weight of only 75 grams. A right-handed mouse designed with a defined shelf on the left side of the mouse, adding texture on the opposite side with horizontal lines.

The Pro Air is very comfortable to use while using a relaxed claw grip, and the wireless feature allows me to grab some outrageous quick-scopes on Black Ops Cold War. The unique design is also appreciated, which uses light under the translucent left and right buttons to emphasize the internal honeycomb weight-saving composition. You’ll be happy to find RGB on a mouse that is usable while you use it!

In terms of specifications and features, the Kone Pro Air ticks the boxes. We had accurate tracking, crisp clicks, and accurate eye tracking with the OwlEye 19K optical sensor (based on PixArt’s PAW3370). Also, well-liked is the mouse wheel, which is made of aluminum and features soft yet tactile steps. The 2.4GHz wireless connection was flawless, and there’s Bluetooth as well as a flexible USB cable in case of a power outage.

With USB-C fast charging installed, the Kone Pro Air gets five hours of battery life in ten minutes of charging – very convenient. There’s also a USB dongle jack in the underside of the mouse, a feature some manufacturers overlook.

In our review, we awarded the Kone Pro Air second place only because it had a slightly higher weight and was significantly more expensive than the Model O. As the cable is flexible, it feels almost wireless, so it’s a worthy alternative to the Air – and one I enjoyed using for two weeks of the holiday without feeling compelled to get out my next best gaming keyboard!

The Kone Pro Air is absolutely a top-tier mouse that’s sure to please anyone looking for an ultralight computer mouse. For now, though, the Kone Pro Air is a top-tier option well worth your attention until something better comes along from Roccat.


Designed with a thumb rest to make it comfortable to hold right-handed
Solid construction
Long click times
Lightweight construction


A dedicated mouse for MMOs has more buttons, but no default button for cycling CPI settings

3. SteelSeries Rival 3 – Best Budget Gaming Mouse

In many ways, the Rival 3 is a top-tier budget mouse for small to medium-sized hands. Its lightweight and ergonomic shape allow it to comfortably fit in claw and fingertip grip styles since it weighs only 77 grams. It has an optical sensor, called TrueMove Core, that is very similar to the PixArt 3330.

 The Rival 3 has six buttons and RGB lighting as well, which is an impressive haul for a budget mouse. Although this mouse is an ambidextrous shape, it only has side buttons on the left side, so they’re quite thin. Its rubber cable is also subpar, and it’s quite rigid, which means a mouse bungee is a better option.  

Logitech G203 Lightsync is another solid budget mouse. In comparison to its predecessor, Lightsync includes better RGB lighting that allows for a smooth gradient instead of solid colors. Besides that, it offers the same specs and features as its predecessors, including a reliable optical sensor, pleasant clicks, and that well-loved flat form factor. For anyone with small or medium hands who prefers to grip their mouse with a claw or fingertip grip, this budget mouse is well worth considering.


The CPI variation is low and the grip is comfortable for all hand sizes
 The sensor performance is excellent


You may not enjoy the low-profile scroll wheel
 The side buttons are tricky to press

4. Corsair Katar Pro Wireless – Best Budget Wireless Mouse

Katar Pro Wireless comes at an attractive price and performs as well as its wired counterpart. The KPW was a strong performer for us due to its long battery life (135 hours on a single AA battery), low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection, backup Bluetooth, and acceleration-free optical sensor.

My only criticism is that the shape is best suited to smaller hands in fingertip grips because it is relatively short in length. It’s fairly easy to move the mouse, even when playing games like CS:GO, thanks to the grippy matte finish on the sides.

You can replace the 98 grams battery with a Lithium-Ion AAA battery and an adapter in order to make the mouse significantly lighter – from 98 grams to about 80 grams. Personally, I prefer the mod because it increases responsiveness in hand and reduces battery life slightly.  

While not wireless, the Katar Pro XT should be taken into account as well. The wired variant is lighter (73g vs 96g), has a better sensor (PixArt 3391 vs 3325), and costs less (£35/$30). It is almost as if it is wireless when used with a mouse bungee because of the flexible and soft cable.


Exceptional customization software
Excellently low click latency
Very well built


The weight is a bit high for its size

5. Asus ROG Keris Wireless – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 

In the gaming industry of 2022, wireless gaming mice could possess reliable, low-latency mousing even though they historically lag behind their wired counterparts – at least on the surface. The ROG Keris Wireless is an even better wireless mouse, one that offers both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless support. 

Asus has quietly become a top maker of wireless mice, first with the ROG Pugio 2 late last year, and then with the ROG Keris Wireless this year.

The streamlined ergonomic design of this £90/$90 mouse and the weight of 79g will appeal to most but not all ultra-light mouse fans.

Also of interest, ROG’s own-developed switch under the left and right mouse buttons are clicky, but Japanese Omrons are used as well.

When we tested it with a recent PixArt 3335 optical sensor and the optional shoelace-style cable for wired mousing, the Keris performed well too, even in games like Call of Duty Warzone and CSGO that is heavily taxing on mice.

My PC’s default mouse is the Keris Wireless due to its lack of weaknesses, surpassing even more expensive options like the Razer Viper Ultimate and Logitech G Pro X Superlight. It’s practical and fun to modify a mouse’s components, even if its specs aren’t ground-breaking. If you want a mouse that is a little different but still does the job, then the ROG Keris Wireless mouse could be for you.


Build quality is excellent
Click latencies are very low
The device is reasonably light


Only 100 increments are available for the CPI

6. Logitech G Pro X Superlight – Best Premium Gaming Mouse

The G Pro X Superlight might just be the best gaming mouse on the market, save for its sky-high price tag. Many people are skeptical about wireless gaming mice, but empirical tests show that the G Pro X Superlight is just as reliable and responsive as a wired mouse.

Logitech quotes 70 hours of battery life on its website, yet the device weighs only 63 grams. Besides its long battery life, the Hero 25K optical sensor is also very efficient and performs extremely well in games. 

Even demanding games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, CSGO, or Valorant are a pleasure to use with the G Pro X Superlight’s high accuracy and slim shape. This gaming laptop has a medium screen size (125mm/4.9″, 63.5mm/2.5″), so it is ideal for most gamers. Despite not having considered wireless mice in the past, you should give the Superlight a try. 

Due to its price tag, the Superlight is a poor choice for a mouse. The earlier and less expensive G Pro Wireless is still a better option. Although it has the same shape and an extremely similar sensor, it weighs around 25 percent more, has RGB lighting, and has buttons on either side that can be moved.


It is incredibly fast
Solid construction
Works on both macOS and Windows


Maybe a bit difficult to use with small hands

7. Logitech G502 / G502 Lightspeed – Most Comfortable Gaming Mouse 

This keyboard has an ergonomic shape, a scroll wheel with an “infinite” number of positions, and eleven programmable buttons that make it popular. Thus, the latest wireless version of the G502, G502 Lightspeed, is an easy recommendation.

Thanks to Logitech’s new Lightspeed wireless technology and the superb Hero optical sensor, the G502 is every bit as reliable and responsive as its predecessor, and it’s a bit lighter at 114 grams, although you can add 16 grams with weights.

It provides a quick and comfortable mouse that can be used for both gaming and productivity. It has a 48-hour battery life with lighting and 60-hours without lighting, and you can get 2.5 hours of battery life in five minutes of charging. 

The wireless version of the G502 Hero is definitely worth a try – even if it costs twice as much as the wired G502 Hero.

SteelSeries Rival 5 is another great mouse with similar features and a similar shape. In addition to the trigger button beneath the thumb, there are two additional side buttons plus two more side buttons on this mouse which can be coupled to any additional function (like melee attacks or grenades) to make nine programmable buttons altogether.

This makes it a great fit for fast-paced and competitive genres such as MMOs and MOBAs. The Rival 5 also has good features, including ‘Golden Micro’ switches rated IP54 water and dust resistant, a reasonably flexible “shoelace” cable that feels almost wireless in a bungee, and the company’s own TrueMove Air optical sensor.


Fast clicks
No matter how slow or fast you move the mouse, you’ll get the same CPI
Plenty of inputs to choose from


Small hands may find the size of the keyboard uncomfortable
It’s pretty heavy

8. Razer Viper Mini – Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

With its low profile, diminutive dimensions, and lightweight of 60 grams, the Razer Viper Mini is ideal for people with small to medium-sized hands. The new PixArt 3359 optical sensor offers a good tracking performance, with a small latency advantage over conventional alternatives. 

A great cable is also included with the Viper Mini, which feels almost wireless with its bungee style. The Viper Mini was responsive and comfortable regardless of the circumstances in games like Call of Duty Warzone and Valorant.

Razer’s Synapse software can also be used to control the RGB lighting of both the mouse’s logo and tail. This is an excellent gaming mouse, especially considering how cheap it is.


The product is extremely lightweight
Click latency is extremely low
The sensors are very accurate
Cables like this one kink very little and drag very little


There’s no CPI range as wide as most Razer mice
The small design may not be comfortable for larger hands

9. Corsair Sabre RGB Pro / Sabre Pro – Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands

We recommend the RGB Sabre Pro mouse – £50/$60, or the standard Sabre Pro mouse – £45/$55, for larger hands. The Sabre Pro mouse uses super-flexible shoelace cables to make it feel almost wireless. Both models are lighter than you’d expect – the RGB model weighs just 74 grams, while the non-RGB model weighs just 69 grams.

As a result of its relatively large dimensions (129x70x43), this mouse fits well in the palm and claw grips, depending on the size of your hand. The ergonomic mice also feature comfort curves on the buttons, as well as a rougher texture on the sides – important for a low-DPI, high-speed style.

In addition to the standard 1000Hz polling rate, the mice support a cutting-edge 8000Hz polling rate, enhancing responsiveness by a small percentage at the expense of system performance, a difference that will only be noticeable to users with low-end PCs.

This software is one of the best in the industry for setting custom lighting and macros, as well as mouse settings, and the effects are stunning – especially if you already use Corsair peripherals or components. The Sabre Pro is also an option if you aren’t concerned with RGB – and I wish more manufacturers would offer it. It’s a very affordable choice that’s an exceptional fit for anyone with medium to large hands. 


It has excellent latency for clicks
The companion software lets you customize the device
It is lightweight, comfortable to hold
It has an 8000Hz maximum polling rate


It is a wired model
Some laptop bags will not fit it

10. Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite – Best MMO Gaming Mouse

Choose a mouse that comes with plenty of side buttons if you play a lot of games that require a variety of keys to use your abilities and spells. Thanks to the twelve buttons arranged in a grid on the side panel, our pick for the best MMO mouse is the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite.

This mouse has a similar length (120mm) and width (78mm/2.9″) to the other mice on our list, but it’s wider (78mm/2.9″) and heavier (122g) than those. It’s more comfortable but less precise than those mice.

In our view, the Scimitar RGB Elite is the best MMO mouse, edging out the Razer Naga Trinity just by a hair. The replaceable side panels make it better for FPS gaming, however, and Corsair’s software and button layout are better.


The click latency is excellent
It appears well-built


A fair amount of stiffness

11. Vaxee Zygen NP-01 – Best ESports Gaming Mouse

The Vaxee Zygen NP-01 combines an ergonomic right-handed shape with a soft braided cable, a $60/€65 mouse that’s no-excuses-given for competitive gaming. Black accents (buttons, scroll wheel, cable) on a glossy white shell give this a very office-friendly appearance.

If you prefer something even more stealthy, we offer a matte black version as well. PixArt’s PixArt 3389 optical sensor provides unparalleled tactile feedback, while also offering top-of-the-line esports functionality – all settings (DPI, lift-off distance, polling rate) are easily accessed through buttons on the bottom.

I would recommend this mouse to those who want a reliable mouse for CS: GO matchmaking. It requires no software to install, and it feels great while you use it.


Good build quality
Good lift-off distance and click latency
Most hands can use it


There are only four CPI presets
It is not customizable
Lacks more buttons than most MMO mice

12. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro – Best RGB Gaming Mouse

Having selected the best office mouse, let’s move on to the opposite end of the spectrum and choose the best RGB gaming mouse. Corsair has a long tradition of RGB lighting, so we’re not surprised to find that their latest gaming mouse took top honors.

A gaming mouse rarely comes with as many RGB lighting regions as this, but along with iCUE software, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro creates stunning results.`With nine RGB lighting zones, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is the most RGB gaming mouse we’ve ever seen. Combining the lighting zones with Corsair’s iCUE software creates an impressive display of effects.

There are two side grips available here. Choose between a “wing” style or a more responsive straight edge for a more comfortable riding position. A convenient compartment is revealed when the side panel is removed. Bluetooth connectivity is also available to cover a wider range of devices.

In terms of wireless performance, we found the Dark Core RGB Pro to be as responsive and stable as any wired mouse, and its low latency wireless connection performed flawlessly in our testing. The PAW3392 optical sensor was performed without a hitch in our tests, as well. 

A strong point of this device is its battery life; after five full days of use, we only had to recharge it with the included USB-C cable. The mouse is marketed by the manufacturer as having an unrivaled polling rate, twice as fast as standard gaming mice. Nevertheless, we found no significant differences between the two in our (unscientific) tests.  

In spite of its pricey price tag, this gaming mouse is still a top-tier gaming mouse that boasts unbeatable RGB capabilities.


Good build quality
Not too heavy
Lift-off distance and click latency are low
Designed to fit many hand sizes


The CPI configurator has only four presets
It does not allow customizing

Guide to Picking a Perfect Gaming Mouse

In general, the first step is to figure out which games you’re most likely to play. There is no mouse that is unplayable for most games, however, games that place higher demands on precision, such as PUBG, Counter-Strike, DotA 2, StarCraft 2, or Fortnite, require mice to have accurate optical sensors and lightweight designs.

A higher number of buttons will benefit MMOs like World of Warcraft by letting you bind more powerful spells and abilities. In addition to the mice we just mentioned, we also recommend the mouse we recommend above for MMOs and FPS games that require a large number of hotkeys. You will be just fine with any of the mice on the list if you play games outside these genres.

A medium-sized mouse is usually comfortable for most people, including our first two recommendations, whereas those who are on the outer edge of the bell curve should consider our ‘for small hands’ recommendations. For small hands, keep your fingers together and measure your wrist length from the tip of the longest finger to the wrist. For medium hands, measure between 170mm and 195mm (6.7″ to 7.7″) For large hands, measure more than 195mm (7.7)

Also, you can take a measurement of how wide your hand is from the bottom, as far as your knuckles and past your thumb. You can compare these two measurements with the size of the mouse you are considering. Ideally, a mouse that is about 60 percent bigger in both dimensions should be suitable for your hands. For example, my hand measures 200 millimeters by 100 millimeters, so I personally prefer mice that are about 120 millimeters by 60 millimeters.

You may prefer mice that are closer to 70 percent of your hand size if you use claw or fingertip grips. Palm grips feel more comfortable when they are closer to 60 percent of your hand size.

Based on the type of games you play and your hand size, you should be able to narrow down the possibilities. We would recommend mice with optical sensors (e.g. the PixArt 3310), low weight (*95g or less), smooth design, and at least two side buttons.

Some of the best-known mouse manufacturers include BenQ Zowie, Logitech, and SteelSeries, but Corsair, Finalmouse, and Razer have also been doing well and could be worth a look.

A mouse should be chosen based on its specifications and features first, followed by specifications and features that are relatively unimportant.

For most users, I would place high maximum settings, RGB lighting, and good software in this category. Highly high DPI settings do not indicate a good sensor, and RGB lighting is often covered by your hand.

Most people want a high maximum DPI setting, RGB lighting, and good software, although all three are nice to have. Extremely high DPI settings are not proof of a good sensor, and RGB lighting is usually covered by your hand.

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