TechDrinking Scholarship

A $500 Technology Scholarship

TechDrinking is reviewing the latest tech products and gadgets. We are here to help users to find the best product according to their demands and requirements. There are lots of examples:

  1. 10 Best Drone Cameras
  2. 10 Best Gaming Tablets

We have experts that know the power of words, all the decisions will take on merit.

Now you have a great opportunity to win $500 via scholarship. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can get this opportunity.

Terms & Requirements of Participation

If you want to participate in our scholarship program, you must have to create content that must be between 500-1000 words. The subject should be “Technology & its Importance in 2019”.

You can get ideas from here:

  • Why technology is important for us?
  • How technology utilized in our daily life?
  • What are the important technology products?
  • Is it difficult to live without tech products?
  • and many more…

You will absolutely get $500 if you win. You can use this according to your requirements.

Creativity & Eligibility

The students of high schools, colleges or universities only can apply for this scholarship. The content you will write must be readable and unique.

Only unique content is acceptable and must write easy content that anyone can understand easily. Use simple and easy words and grammar should be perfect.

We have paid tools, in which we will check uniqueness of content. The content must be valuable and include creativity. The provided information must be true and correct.


The deadline for this scholarship is February 22, 2020. We will select the winner on March 20, 2020. Payment check will be mailed on March 25, 2020.

We will send $500 directly to your school/college/university.

We run our scholarship program every year.

How to Submit your Application

After writing the unique article of 500-1000 words, submit your article to us in a .doc file.

Email the article us at [email protected] with full detail, check below:

  • Personal Details (Full Name, Telephone, and email address)
  • School/College/University Name (where you study)
  • Study Area (Area where you study)
  • Proof (Verify that you are a student of the school/college/university you have specified)
  • Your Home Address (Full address)

By submitting the content, you are allowing us to use it for any purpose (marketing or promotions).

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