Best Running Shoes 2019Are you runner or want to run?

If yes?

Absolutely you need the best running shoes to perform better in your running period.

I have added a comprehensive guide for running shoes, you can choose any shoes from our top 10 list.

I have created a list of top 10 shoes that you can use for running. These shoes are for men and women.

Some running shoes are expensive but some are cheap, it depends on your budget, if you have a high budget you can buy expensive running shoes otherwise you can go with low budget running shoes. Don’t worry, I have added shoes for all the budget, you can choose any shoes according to your budget.

Best Running Shoes 2019 For Men & Women

Before starting, I want to explore some basic but important things. You can use running shoes for jogging and walk or for any other work. In this way, you need to choose the best running shoes for you according to your intent.

So you have two options, cheaper and expensive, in this way, you can choose any running shoes according to your budget and demand.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3
Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3
Brooks Ravenna 8Brooks Ravenna 8
Saucony Peregrine 7Saucony Peregrine 7
Adidas SupernovaAdidas Supernova
Reebok OSR Harmony RoadReebok OSR Harmony Road
Asics GT-2000 5Asics GT-2000 5
Saucony Ride 10Saucony Ride 10
Brooks Ghost 10Brooks Ghost 10
Hoka One One Clifton 4Hoka One One Clifton 4

1. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 – Best For Spring Season

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

This shoe is fully balanced that’s why I have added it to our top 10 product based list.

You can get these balanced shoes under $100 from Amazon. These are also decently comfortable and super lightweight shoes with no higher price.

For shorter distance and fast-paced, these are perfect. You can also use these for long distance. These flexible shoes have stability features and energy return feature in moderate level.

According to our testing process, this product is best for you, 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

The lightweight and responsive shoes are really soft that can help you in long runs/races. These shoes can also help you in speedwork because of the light feature.

Users gave reviews on this product and they are satisfied with its “excellent ground to feel” and “pop” and also “silky smooth”. New Balance added some new sidewall and outsole design.

You can also increase its flexibility with the help of Underfoot, Likewise, and Reshaped Treads. These are also spread the shoes according to your foot demand.

No doubt you can easily be landing with these shoes because of its convex hexagons which help in compressing.

Now it’s time to explore its features, there are several features of this product but I will just explain some main and important features.

No doubt that the 3rd version of Zante is awesome according to users and experts reviews. Its stability feature is amazing and loved by many runners.

When it comes to its performance, on wet surfaces you can use it easily as the other users are doing. They are also running fast because of its rubber sole which is the best feature in this product that increases its value and design.

In the end, we can say that these shoes are excellent for running purpose.

  • Lightweight Feature
  • Outsole
  • Flexibility
  • Long Running Feature
  • Smooth
  • Decent Price
  • Lacing area is very thick
  • Too Small

2. Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3 – Best Trail Running Shoes

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

Hoka One One is a shoe company (Founded in 2009 and headquarters are in Goleta, California USA) and Challenger ATR 3 comes from Hoka One One.

I hope you will happy when I say that these shoes are designed for both road and off-road running. A reliable grip and impressive comfort feature available with responsive cushioning.

We can say it neutral trail running shoe because of its design. A lightweight feature is great as compared to others.

In the future, Hoka One One shoes will bring great features as compared to the others in the market.

Most customers are satisfied with its flexibility and lightweight feature. When it comes to stack height, I would like to recommend Hoka Challenger ATR 3.

Road shoe, lightweight and other some features are found in ATR series. If we compare ATR 3 with previous ATR shoes, absolutely we will found great features here.

Some users are saying that they noticed toebox felt roomy. So, most customers are satisfied with this product.

Outsole and Midsole are included as we can also see these in the previous versions of ATR, for good shed mud in the forefoot some space has available.

We found some great features in ATR 3, some of them I am going to explore here.

Most of the users saying that these shoes are very comfortable and breathable. On the other hand, cushioning feature is also liked by many customers.

You will get a decent grip on varied terrains as some other shoes also provide this feature. In the previous versions of ATR, shoes fit capability was less found but in this version shoes fit capability is awesome according to some runners.

These shoes are lightweight and no break is required in the running period. For most runners, these shoes are working as road shoe.

  • Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioning
  • Outsole & Midsole
  • Decent Price
  • Narrow/Tight
  • Uncomfortable

3. Brooks Ravenna 8 – Best For Stability

Brooks Ravenna 8

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

Brooks launches the Ravenna series, in fact, Ravenna 8 is best in this series. How? Let me explain!

A high cushioned ride provides by The Brooks Ravenna 8 which also allow stability. You will not get any stands out during your running periods like a not bulky heel, no hard material post, and no stiffness will be found here.

In fact, these shoes seem that there is confusion about its neutral and stability, fitting or snug, there is nothing bad about these things.

When it comes to its preference and needs, its best for runners.

According to our testing process, Books Ravenna 8 is best for both runs (Long and Temporary). How? Let’s see its reviews and features below.

If you are a runner, absolutely you need to run long or temporary. In this way, you need that shoe which has an ability of capability of both type runs and cushioned and supportive.

Brooks is saying that these shoes are best for stability as the Launch series of Ravenna. This shoe is more breathable than the other shoes in the same series as the previous editions of Ravenna.

When it comes to its features, a lot of great features are found in this shoe. That’s why it’s better for both types runs.

A reliable and soft cushioning provided by Brooks Ravenna 8, this feature is best for its users. A lightweight shoe also provides support without becoming bulky.

Some of its great features like breathable and comfortable upper satisfied its users. It is also very responsive as some other shoes are.

  • Soft cushioning
  • Lightweight feature
  • Responsive
  • Smoothy Heal
  • Semi-stiff
  • Moderate Pronation Support

4. Saucony Peregrine 7 – Best Trail Shoes

Saucony Peregrine 7

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Buy From Amazon – For Women

Peregrine 7 comes from Saucony, versatility is the main offer by Peregrine. A bouncy foam has been removed by Saucony from the heel.

Saucony made the biggest change of upper between the Peregrine 6 and Peregrine 7. In the Peregrine 7, Saucony improved the structure by adding TPU Exoskeleton feature while in the Peregrine 6, Flexfilm is used to improve the road running ability.

The exoskeleton creates a customizable fit through the crossing patterns added on it. So, overall there are better features in the Peregrine 7 for its users.

Below, I reviewed it and also explained its features and pros & cons.

According to our testing process, the Peregrine 7 has good reviews (4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon) because of its performance.

Most of the runners are satisfied with its Ultra comfortable and light features. When it comes to trail running shoes these are good. Its grip and comfort really impress its users. Hiking and backpacking feature is also available according to some users.

Some runners are not satisfied with its some features, be aware its Heel-cup material can be failed after a long-running about 80 miles or above. Its back is also too short in the view of some runners but overall appears to be quality shoes.

We found a lot of features in the Peregrine 7, let’s take a look at its features. The breathable upper unit, heel collar padding, TPU Exoskeleton are the main features that satisfied the runners.

In the supporting and protecting the rear of the foot, the external heel counter helps. Its mid-sole is responsive and also fast according to some runners.

The upper construction helps the runners to prevent blisters and hotspots. You will get the more bounce from the Everun top sole.

  • Outstanding Traction
  • Lightweight feature
  • Responsive
  • Secure Fit
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Laces Tied
  • Excellent Design
  • Short Tongue

5. Adidas Supernova – Best For Coushioning

Adidas Supernova

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

Addidas is the famous company and a big brand in the market. Addidas Supernova Glide is a series of running shoes and very popular in the market, I am not adding/explaining the specific Supernova Glide shoes rather I am going with its whole series but except Glide 9.

Let’s go, you can buy any shoes in the series of Adidas Supernova Glide. In this series, we can find a lot of features like cushioning and support.

In past, the Supernova was named Supernova Cushion, there were not a lot of sales in this series so Adidas changed the name and now its known as Supernova. So, the sales are increasing day by day by changing the name.

The top competitor of Adidas in the same category is ASICS Nimbus. Toe box fit is the main factor in Nimbus.

Both brands are excellent and provide their best shoes to the customer. So, there is a difference in both companies, in Supernova open room to stretch while in Nimbus more fitted shoes.

According to our testing process, Adidas Supernova is providing best services. Most of the users are satisfied with Supernova.

Almost all the features are working better that’s why its rating is good at Amazon. So, I am going to explain its features and pros & cons below.

There are a lot of features of Adidas Supernova, that’s why this brand is very popular. Many runners are satisfied with its cushioning and responsive feature.

Its lightweight feature is also excellent for runners, on the other hand, its comfortable feature is also working for all the users.

It can also perform better in the long run according to some users. So, I don’t want to waste your more time in features. Overall it best for runners, now its time to read its Pros & Cons.

  • Soft Ride
  • Lightweight feature
  • Responsive
  • Outsole Grip
  • Durability
  • Stiff Lacing Area
  • Minimal Reflectivity

6. Reebok OSR Harmony Road – Best For Long-Run

Reebok OSR Harmony Road

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

This shoe comes from Reebok, that is a famous company and big brand. Harmony Road is a series of Reebok that provides the long run and best performance shoes to the runners.

For long and daily running, you can go with these shoes. It is mainly built and designed for high mileage performance.

Well cushioned but it’s not overly soft as the other shoes. You can use it on both crushed gravel surfaces and road, it will perform better.

During our testing process,  we found several features in Harmony Road which satisfied its users. Most of the runners said it better (but not best) for road and crushed gravel surfaces.

You have a good opportunity to use these shoes and get a comfortable option. With daily training, you can get a smooth transition and soft landing from heel to toe.

Now you can read its features and pros & cons below.

Several features are found in Reebok Harmony Road, its comfortable feature is liked by most of the runners and its mesh upper is noted as breathable according to some users.

The lightweight feature satisfied its users, on the other hand, its long-lasting cushioning also impressed many runners. According to some runners, you will not get heel pain because of its heel cushioning.

Most of the users/runners are satisfied with the construction of this shoe. A number of runners mentioned that its design is good and runs true to size.

  • Soft cushioning
  • Very Stylish
  • Wide toe-box
  • Heel Cushioning
  • Tri-Zone midsole Technology
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

7. Asics GT-2000 5 – Another Shoe For Stability

Asics GT-2000 5

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

If we find the best ASICS series of shoes, GT-2000 will be on the top in the list, because of some great features like DS Trainer etc. Brooks and Mizuno’s are the top competitors of this series.

Its new upper material inspired many runners when they unbox it.

You will feel relaxed, recovered by using these shoes. Now its time to read its review, features and pros & cons.

In our testing process, we noted its rating on Amazon, the rating of this shoe is 4.0 stars out of 5. According to its rating its good (but not best) for running.

Most of the runners are satisfied with its comfort and both type runs (long and short). Some users are very happy because of its all-rounder a fit for some users.

On the other hand, some users are not satisfied because of its stability and poor quality. Now its time to read its features below.

Several features we found in this shoe, most of the customers are satisfied but some are not satisfied with its features.

Most of the reviewers appreciated the comfortable sole of the GT 2000 5. The structured Heel Clutch System and the Duomax Support System combine to provide excellent support and stability.

Many runners are satisfied with its comfortable, cushioning, and Heel. You will get good stability and support with this shoe. Its upper allows good support, and you will get flexibility in this version.

  • Comfort
  • Upper comfortable
  • Long-Lasting outsole
  • Flexible shoe
  • Heavy
  • Expensive for some users

8. Saucony Ride 10 – Best Daily Neutral Trainer Shoes

Saucony Ride 10

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

Ride 10 comes from Saucony, Ride is a series of Saucony and its the 10th version/edition of Ride which comes with a lot of features with the latest technology.

In ride series, it’s the 10th version/edition which has a lot of features and liked by many runners/users.

A full cushioning feature is found in this shoe, and now we can compare it with other big brands like Brooks, Ghost etc.

For the better speed, you can use these shoe as the other runners are doing. Its attractive colour (red and orange) satisfy its users.

The lightweight feature, Flexibility, and versatility and some main features found in Saucony. You can also use it for a long run.

Most of the customers are happy with its great features like lightweight, cushioning, and flexibility. A versatile shoe according to some users.

The main focus of Saucony is to provide underfoot experience and upper fit to its users. To improve the quality Saucony upgraded the foam from midsole of their shoes and also removed the foam from the landing zone.

If we take a look at its rating, there are 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Mostly the customers are satisfied with features and support and performance.

Its high comfortability is really liked by most of the runners. Its performance is excellent as noted by some users. You can get excellent support from these shoes and use on the ground without any type of hurt.

Some of the great features like breathability and airy impressed some users because it keeps our feet dry and cool. These durable shoes are very flexible and smoothy, you can also check its pros & cons below.

  • Comfortable
  • Good Price
  • Responsive
  • Flexibility
  • Some users are not satisfied
  • Narrow

9. Brooks Ghost 10 – Best Shoes In Ghost Series

Brooks Ghost 10

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

Ghost is a series of Brooks, which has high demand in the market and becoming a big seller. The main reason behind this is to deliver, that’s why every user/customer come towards this series.

Some of the top competitors of this shoe are ASICS Cumulus, Nike Pegasus, and Saucony Ride etc. Ghosts series is becoming popular among those all the shoes because of its services and delivering.

You will be surprised after using these shoes as the others runners are doing.

The best performance by Ghosts 10 according to many runners. You can use it for a long run without any type of problem.

It’s that versatility and winning formula that earns the model its sixth Editor’s Choice award. This fall, it was the number-one pick among our wear-testers.

Some of the great features are liked by many runners like versatility and performance.

Most users/runners are satisfied with its excellent features. Its high-performance and midsole feature is impressing many customers.

Some users are very happy because now they don’t feel any foot pain and its comfortable feature is also liked. The shoe is well made and now you can check its pros & cons.

  • Excellent Design
  • Very Breathable
  • Fit
  • Smooth Cushioning
  • No Responsive
  • Durability Problem

10. Hoka One One Clifton 4 – Best Lightweight Shoes

Hoka One One Clifton 4

Buy From Amazon – For Men

Buy From Amazon – For Women

Another shoe from Hoka One One and it comes from the Clifton series. Most of the features are upgraded in the 4th edition of Clifton.

According to some runners, its best shoes under 8 oz weight and cushioning at the weight.

Some users are saying that its fit for them and the upper material is also working better but the midsole material has some errors.

You need to know that in the 4th edition of Clifton, there are some big changes which are caused to increase their sales.

Hoka One One added some great material by updating the Clifton in the 4th edition. You can read its reviews below.

During our testing process, we found some great features in Clifton 4 which are liked by many runners. If we look at its rating that is 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Some runners are saying it faster than the other some shoes. Some changes increase its design like rubber pattern underfoot etc. One user also says that is durability is awesome.

Some runners are satisfied with it because it can help with the long run. I explained it some features below.

The updates made the shoe very famous and most runners are satisfied with its updates. You can use it for long-run as many other runners are doing.

According to some users, its new version is awesome and caused to increases its sales and demand in the market. Its very comfortable and good looking & durable design.

You will get more support than the previous versions of Clifton, some runners don’t feel any type of pain or knee problem.

  • Comfortable Upper
  • Rebuond Increased
  • Durability Improvements
  • Slight Weight Gain

Buyer’s Guide:-

Some people may be buying running shoes for the first time, before buying any shoes you should read buyers guide. Here I have explained the best running shoes for women and men, mostly there are best long distance running shoes but also some shoes are for short distance.

Most of the people have foot problems like the bad knee, for those, I have also added some best running shoes. I have added running shoes from all the big and famous brands, like Nike, books etc. Nike and Brooks are the big brands in the market.

Those who have fleet foot can choose running shoes according to there demand, I also added shoes that can be used almost for every foot.

1. Check The Shoe: Is It Developed For Running

Before buying any running shoes, you need to check is the shoes developed for running? You can check this by running.

If you are finding the running shoes, absolutely, you need the best running shoes which have specially build/developed for running.

As you know, you need a specific/special and repetitive movement of your foot for running, your whole foot, heel to toe move specifically. In this way, you need that shoe which can manage your foot and your body, so it can be long or short distance depends on your running.

Be Aware:- If you want to be secure, don’t buy or use running shoes for any sport because you will never look back on these shoes. A specific shoe is used for specific work like running shoes are used for running not for sport.

2. Is The Shoe Fit For You

There is the main problem for the shoe is known as Fit, check your shoes are fit for you or not. Some people are really dissatisfied because of shoe fit, they get small, large, narrow, wide, shallow shoes for running, and there should be fit shoes for running to avoid from any type of pain.

You can check some requirements or suggestions below:

  • Lock your heel in the shoe securely, don’t tight the shoe it should be normal.
  • Let’s leave some empty space, it will help your feet to grow during the running.
  • Keep your lace tight, it will help to run fast.

I have explained simple requirements or you can say suggestions, no any rocket-science, you should choose the best shoes for running and apply these simple tips.

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