10 Best Massage Chairs – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you’re seeking the next best thing to having your personalized masseuse (and you’ve explored every massaging equipment! ), you’ll come off looking for the ideal massage chair. We recognize that it is a significant commitment, monetarily and about space within your house.

Automated massage chairs offer ease, pleasure, and self-indulgence, but finding the right one may be difficult. There is a plethora of models to select from, some of which only vibrate rather than kneading and claim questionable capabilities like “air ionization,” “body scan,” and “chromotherapy.”

The seats are sturdy and comfy to sit on, and it rubs the full body. Furthermore, it beats more costly massage chairs in critical aspects such as warming and reclining. Each massage chair has its collection of features and settings, which might be difficult to compare if you’ve never used one before.

Best Massage Chair 

Most massage chairs aren’t inexpensive, so choosing the appropriate decision while purchasing one is critical. The greatest massage chairs are well-built and long-lasting. More significantly, each moment you get through your massage chair, you will feel much better and more rested.

There are, however, several types and brands of massage chairs, and other massage chairs may be better suited for this purpose. To assist, we’ve highlighted the best 10 massage chairs’ characteristics and added a useful shopping guide further in this article.

We explore a wide range of alternatives and possibilities in our buyer’s guide so you can face the purchase process front on and choose the best massage chair for you.
Let’s get this started.

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2022

Product ImageProductsDetailsCheck Price
Kahuna SM-7300 Massage ChairStyle: Modern
Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair
Room Type: Indoor
Check Price
RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity & Air Massage ChairMaterial: Alloy Steel, Leather
Color: Chocolate
Room Type: Indoor
Check Price
Best Massage Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage ChairMaterial: Leather
Color: Black
Room Type: Living Room
Check Price
Real Relax Massage Chair Zero Gravity ShiatsuWeight: 400 Pounds
Brand: Real Relax
Room Type: N/A
Check Price
IRest SL Track Massage ChairColor: Black
Brand: iRest
Room Type: Living Room
Check Price
Human Touch 7.1 Massage ChairMaterial: Polyurethane
Color: Espresso
Room Type: N/A
Check Price
Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager ChairMaterial: Leather
Color: Dark Gray
Room Type: N/A
Check Price
Massage Chair, Zero Gravity SL Track Massage ChairMaterial: Iron
Color: Black
Room Type: N/A
Check Price
Best Massage Electric Shiatsu Massage ChairMaterial: Leather
Color: Black
Room Type: Living Room
Check Price
Best Choice Faux Leather Massage ChairMaterial: Faux Leather
Color: Black
Room Type: Office, Bedroom, Living Room
Check Price

1. Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair – Best Overall

The arms and hips of the Kahuna SM-7300 reclining massage chair have been extended by 3 inches to suit tall people up to 6 feet 5 inches tall and heavy people up to 320 pounds. It also incorporates space-saving technologies, such as an improved forward-moving motor, occupying less room.

It features six rollers that massage simultaneously, depending on your select strength and auto program. It includes five intensity settings to help you discover the right feel and specific massage settings depending on your activities.

It features settings for office employees, golfers, elders, and sports. It also offers exercise recovery, pain reduction, and relaxation activities. The rollers inside would massage, knock, and tap particular spots on your body, simulating the effect of having six masseuses working on you.

This chair comes with user-friendly remote control and a 2-year guarantee on parts and labor. Consider the 7300S, the Kahuna’s recently improved model, if you want to go all out. This might be an excellent option if you are tall and want to make sure you buy a massage chair that fits. On the other hand, if you’re short, you might want to choose another model.


Large body shapes are accommodated
Body scanning technology
Body scanning technology


Doesn’t work well for those with small bodies.

2. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity and Air Massage Massage Chair – Best Runner Up

People frequently inquire about the best budget-friendly massage chair. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available to anybody at any given moment. Unfortunately, picking one massage chair and proclaiming it to be the greatest is tough.

The MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair (Charcoal & Chocolate) is a one-of-a-kind chair that caters to all of your massage requirements. The chair has the newly developed L-Track Massage System. These four completely automated programs mirror the movements of a professional massage therapist, five manual customized, targeted treatments, as well as a one-handed accessible remote controller and a unique computerized body scan.

One of the most admired characteristics of the MK-II is the L-Track Massage System, which is one of the numerous elements that make it such a distinctive and high-performing chair. Our L-Track stretches from your neck and shoulder area down to your gluten to produce a continuous stream of relaxation.

Due to improper posture, continuous activity, or muscular tension, the lumbar portion of your back can easily get weary. This built-in heating system, which consists of two heating pads in the lumbar region, helps to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

The body twists and stretches as the airbags inflate and deflate individually, causing the shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs to twist and stretch. Airbags can act in tandem or independently, relieving stress and discomfort by exerting pressure on the body.

Your feet are elevated to the same level as your heart in zero gravity seats, reducing the strain of gravity on your vertebrae. This decreases the agony of back pain and allows your heart to work less, allowing you to relax completely. The built-in sensor detects the length of your spine and pinpoints specific massaging regions.

The chair features a large viewing screen that allows you to see what functions it has triggered. It has a user-friendly interface and programming flexibility. It also has three airbag intensity levels, three-speed control levels, five manual specialized massage programs, and four automated massage programs to choose from.

This product is built using high-quality materials and top-notch engineering. This was done to ensure that the product would endure as long as possible while still working at its best. To please the user and maintain the standards, every aspect of this chair that encourages relaxation is handled with great care and attention.


Positioning in zero gravity
Decompression of the spine
A three-year warranty


There aren’t any smooth or quiet transitions
It’s pretty large
Inefficient use of space
Foot rollers may be too much for some people

3. Best Massage Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner – Best For Full Body

Shiatsu massage, kneading, tapping, stretching, combination, air pressure, and warmth are among the seven massage modes available on this massage chair. There are nine pre-programmed auto massage routines to choose from, as well as a manual option that gives you complete control over your massage.

It has three controls: speed, intensity, and width. It also provides a customized massage experience owing to Smart Body Scan technology, which scans your body and analyses your body size. The chair can hold people up to 6 feet 3 inches tall and 265 pounds.

There are 21 airbags in this massage chair positioned in the feet, calves, arms, hips, shoulders, and thighs. The gadget also includes four heating pads: two for the feet and two for the back. Some customers complained about malfunctioning control pads, while others claimed their massage chair broke down after a few months.

Despite this, the manufacturer provides a full refund under their one-year warranty, and the chair is suitable for people of all heights and weights.


Smart body scan technology
Seven massage modes and nine auto massage routines
Includes four heated pads


After a few months of usage, the control pad may fail
The chair may cease operating

4. Real Relax Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu – Best for Money

The Real Relax massage chair is a comparatively less-priced choice on this list. It offers decent value for money, but the materials are of lower quality than those found in more costly choices. On the bright side, customer service is excellent, and there is a three-year guarantee.

While parts may go down, you may get the chair repaired within the first three years. While many people appreciate the massage this chair delivers, several customers complain that it applies too much pressure and has insufficient cushioning.

It has all of the therapeutic elements of a wonderful massage chair, including heat, vibration, and eight massage rollers, with the added advantage of resting in a zero-gravity position for spinal decompression. Overall, this massage chair offers excellent value for money.


Less costly
Excellent customer service
Three-year warranty
Heating therapy function


Inadequate cushioning – more likely to break down
Poorer quality – more likely to break down

5. IRest SL Track Massage Chair – Best For Space-Saving

The iRest Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner with AI Voice Control includes all of the features you’d expect from a home massage chair. Even without the massage capabilities turned on, the chair is pretty comfy. The complete body compression mode squeezes your shoulders, arms, legs, and calves using airbags, which are believed to reduce tiredness and discomfort.

The yoga stretching feature, which positions the body in an arched posture to fully stretch all the muscles and then performs various kneading, shiatsu, and tapping techniques, is somewhat unique to the iRest massage chair.

You may further tailor your massage inside each of the different massage functions by selecting one of five massage techniques: kneading, knocking, tapping, shiatsu, or a mix of simultaneous tapping and kneading. The iRest Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner has a 53.15-inch SL track, allowing even taller people to get a full head-to-toe treatment.

There are three zero gravity positions to choose from, including one that fully reclines for a weightless experience. The heating function in the lower back region is also one of the best ones we tried, employing carbon fiber units and infrared heat capable of reaching 40 °C.

The technical aspects are outstanding. For example, you may use your voice to pick the mode and operate various iRest Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner functions. When the massage chair is in standby mode, say “hello, Alice,” or push the voice control wake-up button on the armrest.

“I am here,” the voice-controlled massage chair responds. You may then specify the model you wish. You may also use the armrest control or wireless controller to operate the chair. In addition, the iRest will do an automated body scan to adjust the rollers and massage for your specific frame.

When you switch on the chair, it will recognize your height, shoulder breadth, and weight and adapt your experience appropriately. Finally, the iRest comes with Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music as you rest.


AI control
Very comfy
Excellent heating unit
Fantastic zero-gravity experience
Excellent yoga stretching mode
Tons of settings and intensities to choose from
Auto body scanning to tailor massage


Not the best weight capacity

6. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair – Best Pro Functioning

This massage chair is meant to massage the entire body and includes five massage programs: lower, upper, complete, rest, and sleep. The BodyMap PRO function of Human Touch allows you to choose a specific region for relief.

Warm air technology is also included, which targets the lumbar spine and prepares the muscles for a deep massage. An ottoman is linked to the massage chair, which acts as a foot and calf massager.

Additionally, the CIRQLATION technology is meant to massage your calves and improve blood circulation not only in your feet but up to your core.

Buyers complained that their controller stopped working after a certain time and that the massage chair was too tiny for them. However, the BodyMap function and CIRCULATION technology make it a viable option.


CIRQLATION technology for calves
BodyMap pro function for target region selection
Five massage programs
Full-body massage


The controller may fail
The massage chair may be too small for those of higher statures

7. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Chair – Best for Shoulder Neck and Back Waist Hips

Any chair in your home may be transformed into a top-of-the-line massage chair with this Comfier back and neck massager. Eight massage nodes glide up and down along the spine, kneading away any knots or tight muscles in your neck and back.

It also provides a compression massage to your waist and hips due to the side airbags that inflate to release stress. It’s the most expensive choice on the list, but it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy. As one satisfied buyer put it, “Let me begin by stating that this item is fantastic for the price. The buttocks and lower back air support relax your muscles, allowing vibrations to loosen you up.

The rollers are robust and durable, providing a full back massage from lower to higher. The neck rollers are my favorite since they truly assist in releasing stress and tight muscles after driving or doing anything else that requires you to sit for a long time. The neck rollers reach far enough up to the base of your head to provide significant comfort.”

This massager is similar to a child’s car seat, except it is designed for adults. It has customizable rolling and spot massage and 2-D and 3-D shiatsu finger-pressure compression. It also provides the option of adding heat.


Thanks to strategically placed rotating nodes, you can massage your neck, shoulders, back, waist, and thighs. Two airbags pinch and compress the hips, waist, and lower back for complete back pain treatment.


If you’re short or tall, the massage spots may not correspond to the specific sections of your body.

8. Massage Chair, Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Back massage rollers and foot massage rollers go along an SL-track in the Real Relax massage chair, as do foot massage rollers for the soles of your feet. The massage chair has 50 airbags that are designed to compress certain areas of your body. Unlike other massage chairs, this one can rock, but it can also be used in a zero-gravity position. It is also capable of heating and vibrating.

One of the best aspects of this chair is that it comes pre-assembled in the box, needing no assembly and allowing you to use it right away. Because it is not a one-size-fits-all chair, those who are shorter or taller than average may find it uncomfortable. Without a scanning feature or size alterations, it cannot be tailored to the perfect fit.


Function of rocking
Vibration and heating
No installation is required


Not appropriate for people who are very tall or very short

9. Massage Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Best for Value

This BestMassage reclining massage chair is incredibly affordable and provides a 2-part vibrating massage for your back. It has an eco-friendly cotton filling, a high-density sponge for increased comfort, and a high-quality leather fabric.

The massage chair features a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 275 pounds. There are three reclining settings and eight massage modes to select from, allowing for ultimate relaxation. The device has a dual-function foot extension and takes only 2 minutes to set up.

The modest size of this chair did not excite buyers, and several pointed out that it does not provide massage, merely vibration. Nonetheless, it is a cost-effective and straightforward-to-install alternative for those looking for a basic vibrating chair.


Low cost
Easy 2-minute installation
Waterproof material


Poor massage experience
Tiny size

10. Best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair – Best Leather Recliner

The Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair is an excellent choice for anybody looking for the essential functionalities of a massage chair in a more compact, less noticeable package. This chair has the appearance of a conventional living room chair with a matching ottoman.

Surprisingly, the ottoman is more than simply a comfy place to put your feet; it also has massage rollers for a relaxing calf rub. The massage functions of the Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair are extremely good for the price range.

The rollers run down the back, seat, and footrest, and the entire backrest panel warms up. To tailor your massage experience, use the wireless remote to choose from five pre-programmed massages, nine distinct intensity levels, and two modes. It swivels and reclines softly and effortlessly as well.

The Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair is easy to construct right out of the box since all you have to do is use a few screws to join the ottoman footrest to its base and the chair seat to its base. Though this may not seem like much of an advantage, it is compared to the construction needed by some of the bigger massage chairs.

The PU leather on this massage chair has a noticeable chemical stench right out of the box. The odor fades with time, but this might be a deal-breaker if you have allergies.


Reasonably priced
Decent massage functions
Quietly reclines and swivels


No foot massage
Weaker rollers
No zero gravity feature
Leg massage is inferior to that of bigger chair

Buying Guide

You’ll want to make sure you know what to look for when buying a massage chair before you start shopping.
This brief section contains all of the information you require.

Terminology & Benefits of Massage Chairs

The greatest massage chairs use cutting-edge technology that goes above and beyond what most other massage equipment can do.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for purchasers to be confounded and perplexed by the many phrases flung around. You should look over this list and decide which aspects appeal to you the best.


Instead of digging into your back, the best massage chairs have tracks that are engineered to maximise therapeutic impact. An S-track is shaped like a S because it’s meant to massage along the natural curvature of your spine, from your neck to your lower back.


Because it extends beyond your lower back and down to your buttocks, an L-track massage chair massages more than an S-track massage chair. If you stretch the L-Track long enough, it may make the peak of your hamstrings. 

⦁ Massage in Three Dimensions

Deep penetration is possible with a 3D massage. The massage rollers may go in and out, as well as up and down, side to side, and in and out.

⦁ Massage in Four Dimensions

A 4D massage takes the 3D massage one step further by automatically controlling the pace of the rollers to get even deeper penetration into the muscles.

⦁ Scan of the Body

A massage chair with body scanning technology will adjust the massage rollers to the contour of the user’s body. This is an excellent feature because most ordinary massage chairs do not adjust to the user’s body shape, causing the rollers to hit the wrong portions of the body.

⦁ Memory Configuration

A massage chair with memory settings saves your favorite massage chair settings, so you don’t have to recreate them every time you use them. Individual memory settings for different users will be saved in more sophisticated chairs.


Instead of rolling or kneading like massage rollers, airbags inflate and deflate, providing a compression massage. Airbags provide a softer massage and are typically used on more sensitive muscle groups.

⦁ Ionizer for the Air

While utilizing your massage chair, an air ionizer cleans the air, allowing you to breathe fresher air. Bluetooth Technology When it comes to massage chairs, Bluetooth capabilities usually refer to whether you can stream music from your phone to the massage chair speakers.

⦁ Voice Commands

Voice control allows you to direct your message chair’s actions simply by speaking commands to it. Chromotherapy is a type of light therapy used in massage chairs to improve the user’s mental and physical well-being.


Essential oils can be used in some massage chairs to generate calming scents. Reflexology works to promote circulation and overall well-being by focusing on certain body areas.

Other Things to Think About When Buying

In addition to massage chair functions, there are a few more factors to consider when purchasing a massage chair.

⦁ Customer Service

It is important to find a reputable firm to acquire a massage chair. Not just because of the chair’s high quality, but also due to their customer service standards. Because you’ve just spent a lot of money, you’ll want to be able to contact customer care whenever you need it, so look for a firm with high customer service ratings.


You want to protect your investment in a high-end massage chair by getting a guarantee on it, in addition to selecting a well-made chair from a reputable brand.

Companies that provide guarantees with their massage chairs are more likely to produce more dependable and long-lasting chairs.

On the other hand, a warranty assures that you won’t lose money if something goes wrong with the chair and a part needs to be replaced. Any firm that does not have a clear warranty should be avoided. That’s all there is to it!

⦁ Assembly

The simplicity of installation is an issue to consider while searching for massage chairs because they are big, hefty things to build at home.

Some massage chairs are easier to construct than others and having strong customer assistance if you need it may help make the procedure go more smoothly. If the massage chair maker includes free installation and delivery, that’s a significant benefit worth noting.

⦁ Guaranteed Satisfaction

If your massage chair comes with a satisfaction guarantee, that’s a solid sign of its quality.
Typically, you’ll like to see a period of 30 to 60 days or more. If you cannot visit a showroom to check out a massage chair before purchasing, a satisfaction guarantee becomes even more crucial.



The Kahuna is the greatest massage chair we suggest. Despite the fact that its pricey, the benefits of this massage chair outweigh the drawbacks. It has all bells and whistles, including heating, mobile device management, and air cells.

It can adjust to your bodyweight by detecting you and kneading you appropriately, and it offers a broad range of intensity levels. The Kahuna is out of your price range; It comes closest.

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