Best 3D Printing Pens 2022 – Top 10 3D Pens – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best 3D Printing Pens

Do you know? There is a 3D technology that can provide you the best power to 3D print objects.

Well! That technology is known as “3D Pens”. Here I am going to show you the best 3D Printing Pens that you can buy in 2022.

Maybe you don’t know you can get the best 3d printing pens in 2022 at cheap and affordable prices. These 3d pens are economical and still offer better results than expensive 3D printers. With 3D printing pens, you can print any art or creativity on your mind in 3D. So, if you are out there searching for the best 3D pen 2022, you’re just at the right place. After reading this article, you’ll be glad you did.

Some people may ask – “What are 3D pens and how do they work?” well, let me elaborate more on the technology 3D pens use in functioning before moving on with the actual list.

What’s a 3D Pen & How Does It Look?

Actually, 3D pens look similar like the normal pens we use in writing on papers or other materials. The difference between your normal writing pen and a 3D pen are these;

  • 3D pens look bulkier than the usual pen you use daily.
  • While an ordinary pen functions with ink, 3D pens run with plastic.

Just like you handle ordinary pens, in the same way, that’s how you handle a 3D pen too. Simply hold it in the same manner you hold your normal writing pen and start your 3D creative print.

There is nothing an artist can wish less for rather than seeing his arts and thoughts come alive in 3D printing right in front of him; the feeling is so natural and indescribable. Well, with any of these 3D pens, your artistic dreams will eventually come true.

The technology utilized by 3D pens to make stunning prints is quite simple. You just put in a plastic filament into the pen’s mouth and once the plastic is in, there is a heating technology enclosed inside 3D pens that get the plastic hot and then it melts to become liquid.

After this is done, you can now use the 3D pen to start drawing/making your design prints on any material. The process of 3D pens melting the plastic it uses to work happens very fast and they work on almost every surfaces you apply them.

This means you can start creating stunning designs everywhere you go without much stress. There is no limit to what you can do with 3D pens; they are versatile and beautiful having different sweet colors.

But how do you intend to know the best 3d printing pen 2022 since there are lots of them on Amazon and other top e-commerce websites? Definitely, you’ll get confused as there are different brands claiming theirs is the best and the prices are not doing any good. To save you from confusion, we have created this list with professional hand-picked models of 3D pens in 2022.

We have also provided you with a buying guide for 3D printing pens you’ll see the guide after the last 3D pen on this list.

Best 3D Printing Pens 2022

Here are the very best 10 3D pens on Amazon for use in 2022. The list appears in a specific order and we also included detailed features of these pens with brief reviews so you can confidently make a choice.

Product Image ProductsDetailsCheck Price
7Tech 3D Printing Pen Review7Tech 3D Printing PenN/ACheck Price
Mynt3d Printing 3D Pen ReviewMynt3d Printing 3D PenItem Weight: 12.1 Ounces
Brand: MYNT3D
Material: Plastic
Check Price
Leo Evo 3d Doodler Pen ReviewLeo Evo 3d Doodler PenN/ACheck Price
3Doodler 3D Printing Pen Review3Doodler 3D Printing PenItem Weight: 1 Pounds
Brand: 3Doodler
Material: Plastic
Check Price
Dikale 3D Printing Pen ReviewDikale 3D Printing PenN/ACheck Price
AIO 3D Printing Pen ReviewAIO Robotics 3D Printing PenN/ACheck Price
DigiHero 3D Pen ReviewDigiHero 3D PenN/ACheck Price
Kuman 100B Printing Pen ReviewKuman 100B 3D Printing PenN/ACheck Price
Scribbler 3D Printing Pen ReviewScribbler 3D Printing Pen V3Item Weight: 6.4 Ounces
Brand: Scribbler 3D Pen
Material: Metal/Ceramic
Check Price
Lix Pen UV 3d Printing Pen ReviewLix 3d Smart PenItem Weight: N/A
Brand: LIX PEN
Material: Plastic
Check Price

1. 7Tech 3D Printing Pen – Editors Pick

7Tech 3D Printing Pen Review

So the number one on our list is the 7Tech 3D printing pen which claims to be very best overall. The pen has a simple design and it’s user-friendly. The manufacturer made sure the pen was designed to perform almost silently with less noise and also packed it with lots of interesting features everyone would love.

There are so many reasons why this pen makes it to the top of our listing today. It is a high-quality 3d pen that makes your art and thoughts come alive in superior 3D prints.

The 7Tech 3D printing pen looks sleek and sturdy at the same time. It is quite lighter than most 3D pens which made it easier for anyone to control the pen when using it to make prints.

You’ll never have a situation whereby the filaments of this device will clog because it comes with an advanced technology that helps to prevent clogging.

Looking at the design of this 3D pen, you’d definitely love it and wish to have it at your disposal.

Body Design and Build

This pen looks like its bulky and heavy when sighted but no, it is quite lightweight and comfortable to handle. Many 3D pens look similar to this pen but still, it appears unique and outstanding. So far, this is the best 3D printing best we have used.

Temperature control

This feature is used to adjust the temperature of the pen especially for when working on ABS or PLA materials. It helps to smoothen and simplify the application of this pen.


The 7Tech pen is packed with lots of advanced technologies you might not see in most 3D pens. It comes with an unclogging mechanism that prevents jamming and improves the self-maintenance of the device.

Step-less Speed Control

In the making of this pen, the manufacturer considered the need to include a speed control feature that allows the user to switch speed at any time. To change the speed of this pen, simply slide up or down to increase or decrease the flowing speed respectively. You can also choose a speed in-between for a normal flow.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen display feature is common among 3D pens because different materials need different temperatures to melt. In the 7Tech 3D pen, the LCD screen displays the temperature and condition of the material you are using.

This 3D pen is superb and works excellently, it is designed for both kids and grownups. With the features packed into it, the pen appears very easy to use in making stunning 3D prints.

Plus, the pen is user-friendly, lightweight, and with a compact design. We love this pen very much and we believe you’ll love it too.

The 7TECH 3D printing pen includes advanced features missed by some 3D printing pens. Its thermal control function is the best we have experienced so far. According to your choice speed (super-fast or super-slow), the 7Tech 3D pen gives room for speed adjustment.

Just like expected, we know no one has got it all perfect in life. So, this pen also has some weak points and they are thus; it lacks filaments and it gets really hot when functioning fully. Also, the temperature gets unimaginably high, capable of causing damage to the skin if it accidentally touches the user’s skin.

Finally, it is backed by a solid one-year warranty support from the manufacturer.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer 7TECH
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 7.4 x 5.9 x 1.7 inches
Expansion 210o C
Line Size 240 Feet


Includes thermal control feature
Filament jamming detector
Comfortable to use and its light weighted
Backed by a one-year warranty
Comes with an aluminum spatula that protects the user fingers from the hot nozzle


Included filaments are insufficient
Its temperature gets very high and unbearable for amateur users
This pen is not a perfect ideal for kids

Bottom Line: The 7Tech 3D Printing Pen is best for professional and veteran artists. Matured individuals can also use this pen to create stunning 3D print designs. The addition 1-year warranty solidifies your trust that this is the best 3d printing pen 2022.

2. Mynt3d Professional Printing 3D Pen – Best for Commercial Use

Mynt3d Printing 3D Pen Review

Our second best 3D printing pen is the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen. With my experience so far with this pen, it is a great 3D pen meant for veterans.

As expected, this pen looks bulky but in the real sense, it is extremely light, much lighter than I expected. You can just easily hold on to the pen and work comfortably with it. I believe you wouldn’t want to buy a 3d pen that’ll heavy and seem uncomfortable to use.

Hence, as far as your comfort is concerned, the Mynt3D printing pen is a good choice to pick for creating superior 3D prints.

Furthermore, this pen comes with a little OLED display screen that shows you the different modes you might want to use while printing with this pen. Expectedly, this pen comes with a speed control feature that determines how the plastic inside your pen melts and flow.

The pen nozzle is detachable so you can tidy it up after each serious use. Just like other 3D pens, you may experience a bit difficulty removing the nozzle of this pen.

Body Design and Build

It flaunts an ultra-slim body design for swift handling, thanks to the ergonomic shape and sleek design. The controls are well structured around the body of the device so the user will have total control over it. Mynt3D has a rectangular body with its functional buttons arranged on one side.

Temperature control

You can easily adjust this device’s temperature by 1o increment starting from 130 – 240oC. Also, this pen can be used on thermoplastic materials like wood and melts between 130oC – 240oC.

Detachable Nozzle

You can take off this pen’s nozzle and clean it up after each thorough. If you wish to replace the nozzle, it can be done easily too, because it is a modular nozzle.

Speed Control

One common feature you’ll find on all 3d pens listed here is the speed control feature. This feature allows for the changing of the pen’s speed flow and total maneuverability by the user.

LCD Screen

This helps to display the condition of filaments and the current temperature being operated by the pen.


We love the slim design structure of this 3D printing pen, it makes it easier for one to handle and improves efficiency. This 3D pen supports both PLA and ABS plastic filaments which are available in different colors for a stunning decoration of your prints.

The bad experience with this pen is on the manual aspect. The manual does not explain everything you need to know about this device. So, for people who rely solely on manuals, you’ll be disappointed with this device. But not to worry, it is easy to operate; even without going through the manual, if you’ve been dealing with 3D pens, you’ll definitely find it easy using this particular one.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer MYNT3D
Weight 0.08 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 0.75 x 0.62 in.
ABS 210o C
PLA 175o C


Supports both ABS and PLS filaments
OLED screen display
Comfortable to use
Sleek and lightweight design
Replaceable Hot Knob (Nozzle)
One year warranty
Adjustable temperature and speed control function


Quite noisy when functioning
The provided manual is not elaborative

Bottom Line: This is a sturdy 3d Printing pen with good features that would interest everyone who uses it.

3. Leo Evo 3d Doodler Pen – Best 3D Printing Pen

Leo Evo 3d Doodler Pen Review

This Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen claims it is the best for kids and professionals alike but is that really true? Well, it provides you with a lot of excellent features which are most loved by professional artists.

The speed control function and other added features make it easier for everyone to use this device comfortably as it suits them. So, whether you enjoy super-fast flow or gentle flow, this 3D pen can be adjusted to fit into your choice speed level.

Mere looking at this pen, it looks stunning in its design. It furthers proves to be versatile and accepts both PLA and ABS filaments for diverse uses. With the “too-childish” design used in crafting the pen’s body, it does not appear as a tool to be used by matured adults. But like the saying goes – “do not judge a book by its cover”.

Having that saying in mind, I had to go ahead and get myself a Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen and it marveled me to see how efficient it is. Unboxing this smartpen, you’ll see the pen itself, some set of filaments, pre-defined templates, and not to forget, the device manual.

Body Design

Like I said earlier, this 3D pen has a childish design. But I think it was made to look like that so that it can be used by kids and 3rdlers.

Even with the design, this pen still looks a bit attractive to the eye. The overall design is simple and it is very light to handle.

Variable speed controller

Like the other two above, the Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen comes with a variable speed controller that guides the flow of melted filaments. This speed controlling functions may not be easy for kids to handle but its good the feature was not missed in the making of this tool.

LCD Display Screen

Of course, this is like a tradition for the best 3D printing pens. Leo Evo 3D pen comes with a small LCD display screen that shows information on what’s going on inside the pen.

Added Technologies

Furthermore, this smart pen device is equipped with a temperature adjustment feature that helps to control the degree of hotness of the pen.


At the price offered, I see this 3D pen to be a bit pricey. But on a second thought, looking at the features and what it has to offer, I had to believe it is best at the price.

Everyone who uses this 3D printing pen, both adult and children will enjoy every bit of their 3D print creation. The features like adjustable speed and temperature including the LCD screen display are few of the things that made this device fall among our list for the best 3D printing pens.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer LEO Evo
Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 x 1.2 x 1.4 in.
ABS Supported
PLA Supported


Best for kids, but can also be used by adults
Supports both ABS and PLA
Comes with additional 3 bundles of PLA filament
It also comes with PLA refills and stencils
Looks stylish


The design looks so childish

4. 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen – Best for Budget

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen Review

This is a sleek, slim and sturdy 3D Printing Pen designed to be used by all, starting from the age of 14. It is not advisable to leave this pen in the hands of a kid not up to 14 years as instructed by the manufacturer.

It serves for various functions; can be used to create 3D sketches, trace shapes from existing art templates, for architectural models, and lots more!

The stylish pen lands with about 50 plastic filaments; it is only a 3D printing pen which such huge number of filaments. Looking at the pen’s outlook, it appears unique and fantastic. You may like to know that the 3Doodler Printing Pen is only compatible with 3Doodler ABS, PLA, and FLEXY plastics strictly made in the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain.

Honestly, this is most attractive 3D printing pen I’ve used and I believe you will agree with me on this too.  The filaments can be easily removed and replaced with another one, it doesn’t clog per say – thanks to the unclogging technology packed into the pen.

You get to use this creative pen on any surface at ease and it offers a cool user-friendly experience. Both professionals and amateurs can use this pen comfortably.

Body Design

When is say this is the best-looking smart 3D pen I have seen, I really meant it. The 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen flaunts a stunning appearance that catches the eye on sight. It is certainly the slimmest, lightest and toughest 3Doodler you can find in the market.

The manufacturer concentrated more on the design of this pen and it stands out unique among other 3D printing pens.

Variable Speed and temperature control

Just like other ones on this list, this model also comes with variable speed and temperature control feature. This allows the user to swiftly control the heating temperature and flow rate of this pen.

Power indicator

This pen includes an ambient light bar where you can see if the device is powered on or off. This helps so that the owner does not guess the device is off while it is still on.

Versatile functions

The 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen can be used for various tasks. For example, you can use it to create 3D models of your 2D artworks, draw on the air or flat surfaces, and then turn them to 3D!


Unlike most 3D pens I have used, this model is the easiest so far. It is versatile and the ergonomic design makes it fit comfortably in your palm as you create your 3D prints.

Also, you get an additional 50 filaments to use on this device which is the highest you can get so far. With this 3Doodler smartpen, in just three steps, your 3D print will be right in front of you.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer 3Doodler
Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 0.7 x 0.7 x 6.3 inches
ABS Supported
PLA Supported
Age support 14 – 99 years


Based on my usage, this is the easiest and best 3d printing pen of the moment
Comes with an additional 50 filaments
It flaunts an expertly sleek and creative design
Very comfortable to hold onto while creating 3d prints


At 1.1 lbs, this 3d printing pen appears heavier than the rest
Sometimes, the filaments jam

Bottom Line: This device is quite expensive compared to its competitors and what it has to offer. Nevertheless, it might be the best 3d device you’ll ever use.

5. Dikale 3D Printing Pen – Best 3D Printing Pen for a Tight Budget

Dikale 3D Printing Pen Review

So at the middle on my list today, the Dikale 3D printing pen comes in. Here’s a perfect stuff to use as a gift for your impressive or celebrating kid. Because I said this is a perfect gift for a celebrating child does not mean it cannot be used by adults. I said that because I found the design to be kid-friendly.

The Dikale 3D printing pen is very easy to operate; just plug-in a filament, heat-up and start your creation. It is perfect for beginners and also expert artists. You get a bonus of 20 Feet PLA Filament Pack and 250 Stencils eBook on the purchase of this smart device.

It is compatible with PLA and ABS. You easily control the speed or temperature of this device by just clicking on a button once. This is unlike other 3D pens where you have to long press the button to control the speed or temperature.

Design and Build

Different from what you may see in the market, this Dikale 3D printing pen flaunts a classy, sleek, and attractive design. It looks very interesting in its design which will make you want to own it. Simplicity is the only word I can use to describe the design of this awesome device.

Ease of use

Using the Dikale 3D pen is much easier and seamless than most 3D pens. It features a single-button multi-function button which makes the device kids favorite. Both kids and adults can easily use this 3D printing pen due to its simplicity. Every operation is easy to trigger and it is lightweight so you can comfortably lock it up inside your palm while you create stunning designs.

LCD Screen

It also features a little OLED display screen where you get to see and adjust the temperature or speed level. This OLED display also shows the mode you are working with, either its PLA or ABS mode.

Cools down quickly

This feature will make you love this device the more, just like I love it more. It automatically cools down by itself whenever the system heats up and it does that very quickly, probably before you may even notice the device has been high on high temperature. Also, with this pen, you’ll not have to wait for long before your art dries up.

Speed and temperature control

With the one-key button control, users of this smart 3D pen can quickly adjust and control the temperature or speed of this device. It operates at a variable speed and temperature; low, medium, and high. Depending on your preference, you can choose to print with high temperature or low temperature, the same applies to the speed.

Dual Modes

Dikale 3D printing pen supports both PLA and ABS filaments. Hence, you can either work with a PLA filament or an ABS filament.


Use your 3D pen with full confidence as if it malfunctions within the first year of its purchase, you can contact the manufacturer and seek assistance. It is backed by a solid one-year warranty support and a lifetime service.


Looking at the features of this 3d pen outlined above, you do not my review to know that this device is a perfect choice for anyone who loves 3d prints.

However, I’d still share my review on this device. It has a simple design which I liked and it is very light when held on the palm. This 3d printing pen creates stunning prints and it works very efficiently.

Aside from everything I have mentioned so far about the Dikale 3D Printing Pen, it may interest you to know that it comes with lots of freebies attached. The freebies you get at the purchase of this pen include;

  • 20 Feet PLA Filament Pack and 250 Stencils eBooks
  • PVC drawing board and a pen holder
  • USB cable and a power adapter

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer Dikale
Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches
ABS Supported
PLA Supported
Age support 10 – 99 years


High-quality 3D pen and it’s easy to use
Includes a lot of important and interesting features
Heats up and cools down quickly
Supports PLA and ABS filaments
Backed with a solid one-year warranty plus a lifetime service support


Some online customers who use this pen complain the device malfunctions after 10 minute of usage
It is quite expensive

Button Line: This is a professional 3D printing pen with tons of useful features everyone would love. It is a perfect ideal for kid and adults alike. Veteran artists and aspiring ones can confidently use this device at ease.

6. AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen – Simple Yet Versatile

AIO 3D Printing Pen Review

The AIO Robotics 3D Printing pen finds itself as the No. 6 on our list here. It is a super smart 3D pen specially designed to make creative prints in 3D format seamlessly. In the hands of an expert artist or dedicated hobbyist, this amazing device can be used to bring thoughts and imaginations alive in reality view.

Also, I figured out that this could just be the best 3D printing pen for classroom illustrations and stuff like that. The body is made of metal all through and it appears classy. With this device, you’ll print using PLA filament and enjoy single-degree temperature control. The filament flow speed can be controlled in 5 different modes.

All the settings you can do on this device are intuitive; you can easily set it up irrespective of your 3D knowledge level. The OLED display makes everything much easier to handle as you get to see what you are actually set up.

With the sleek and well-crafted body, you can firmly grip this 3D printing pen comfortably and create stunning prints with high precision.

Design and body build

Before I pay to purchase a device, gadget or machine, the design must impress me. I can’t buy a tool that looks awkward or has a quick design. With that said, you can guess this smart 3D printing pen does not look awkward since I actually got it for myself. Well, if you thought so, then you are RIGHT!

This AIO 3D printing pen comes with a well-refined metal body casing; it is shiny and appealing. You just can’t get your eyes off this device once you see it on a store.

OLED Display

It comes with a bright OLED display where you get to view the temperature and speed level of the device. You can easily monitor your device performance from here.

Adjustable Temperature and Speed level

Like a normal tradition for best 3D printing pens, this feature is also included in the making of AIO 3D printing pen. As you already know, it is used to adjust the speed and temperature of this printing pen.

Noiseless Operation

Here’s another reason why I love this printing pen. While applying the device to make some simple creations, I noticed it does not make a noise like some other ones do. This is a great improvement to the 3D printing world and hopefully, other brands will embrace this feature soon.

PLA Filaments only

If not that this device does not support ABS filaments, it could have moved a bit upper on this list. Unfortunately, you only get to use PLA filaments if you choose this device as your 3D printing pen. This is quite heartbreaking; imagine a great device like this with such an inability to use ABS filaments – it missed out big time on this.


Having handled diverse 3D printing devices, I should have confidently said that this is the very best but no, it is not! This is because it does not support the use of ABS filaments. But asides this, you’ll surely enjoy using this amazing device. Hence, it is still counted among the best 3d printing devices.

The Full-Metal Premium body structure assures for optimum durability of the device. And also, backed with a one-year warranty support from the brand, one can confidently use this device without panicking.

Even at a high-temperature level, this pen does not get really hot. Unlike most 3D printing pens that boils very hot after using them for a couple of minutes. The AIO Robotics full-metal premium body 3D printing pen comes with a USB charging port. Hence, it can be charged using a smartphone’s charger or even a power bank.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer AIO Robotics
Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 8.3 x 3.1 x 3.7 inches
ABS Not Supported
PLA Supported
Age support Not specified by the manufacturer


It can be charged using a power bank or a smartphone charger
The ergonomic design makes it possible for one to create amazing 3D print art objects in high precision!
Come with additional packages; 2 PLA plastic filament (different colors), user manual, charging cable, and the A/C adapter
Suitable for classroom illustrations


Lacks support for ABS filament
It cannot be used by kids

Bottom Line: This 3d pen could have been much better if it has support for ABS filaments.

7. DigiHero 3D Pen – Best for Kids and for Educational Purposes

DigiHero 3D Pen Review

If you have a kid who loves art and appears to be an aspiring artist. Getting him/her a 3D printing pen will play a good role in the kid’s life and career. But you’re not just going to buy any 3D printing you see in the market, there are models that are perfect for kids.

Not denying the fact that this list consists of the best 3d printing pens 2022. Not all of them are suitable for kids to use; especially those with high temperature.

However, this model appears to be just the perfect option to get for a kid or use for educational illustrations. The design and structure are such that suits little children; its lightweight body allows them to hold on to the device firmly while applying it to make creations.

On the purchase of this pen, you get 12 different colors PLA filaments of 10 ft long. It doesn’t end here, the DigiHero 3D pen features a removal tool that allows for quick changing of filaments. Other side accessories included in the box are; micros USB wall charger and a penholder.

This device is considerably cheap, it does not allow for changing of the nozzle as featured by other 3D pens. Probably, this may be because it is meant to be used by inexperienced personnel’s. So, it is designed just to meet up with the core-basic requirements of a 3D printing pen.

The DigiHero 3D pen has a LED screen display point where you get to monitor the temperature of your device and the extrusion speed while creating. There are three modes available to use on this device, viz: low, medium, and high.

Design and body build

It features a distinctive design and a sturdy body build, well blended to fit into the palm comfortably. The appearance of this device is well accepted and its design is just perfect for me in particular.

Versatile support

The 3D printing pen I just review above this one does not support ABS filaments but this one does. You can choose between using PLA or ABS filaments to create your designs. DigiHero provides you with a 1.75mm PLA filament pack of 12 various colors; each has a length of 10 Feet. Also, you get some ABS filaments too, but PLA’s are more eco-friendly and considered safer by an expert 3D print hobbyist.

Works on all environment

Without limitations, you can use your DigiHero 3D pen on any outdoor or indoor surface seamlessly. It can be charged using a laptop by connecting it via Micro USB or you can even use a power bank; this offers great convenience to the user.


In my honest opinion, this 3D printing pen is most suitable for non-professional artists and users. Adults can also use and enjoy this device because it has every feature you’d need on a 3D pen.

The manufacturer claims this pen is suitable for users above the age of 5 years. Well, looking at the design, features, and the level it operates, I can’t think of anything less for a 3d printing pen of its price range and class.

I do not insist this pen is only meant for kids, I’m just saying that it appears best for unprofessional users; it could be a kid, it could be an adult.

The simple design of this 3d pen will make you love it and it fits into the palm firmly for high precision prints.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer DigiHero
Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 x 4.6 x 2.9 inches
ABS Supported
PLA Supported
Age support 5 years and above


Comes with the traditional adjustable speed/temperature control
Supports both ABD and PLA filaments
Perfect for kids and educational illustrations
Perfect design, sleek, sturdy, and lightweight
It comes with 12 PLA filaments of 10 feet each
Best for the price offered
Very light and comfortable to hold for making high-precision creations


The pen does not seem suitable for professional usage
It has a poor design, although appears simple and lightweight

Bottom Line: This might just be the perfect present to gift an artist or a kid who loves 3D creations. With this device, you can comfortably make presentable 3D prints on any surface of your choice.

8. Kuman 100B Newest Version 3D Printing Pen

Kuman 100B Printing Pen Review

Get yourself the kuman 100B 3D printing and start making amazing creations immediately. It boots under 30 seconds and you can start using it instantly. Designed to look typical and with a cool friendly buttons arrangement, this 3d printing device looks appealing to the eye.

Now, let’s get into the device to see how it functions after the fast boot. The Kuman 100B Newest Version 3D Printing Pen operates quite very fast and it is very light when held on pa alm. There is an LCD display screen that shows the mode you are working with (PLA or ABS).

Also, you can control the extrusion speed of this device, view the temperature range on the LCD display point.  Both ABS filaments and PLA Filaments work on this device (1.75mm ABS). Switching between ABS and PLA on this device works in just one-button switch.

Interestingly, this device shuts down after being idle for up to 5 minutes. This is somehow not a great news as you get to manually switch off the tool when it’s not in use. But however, I think I love it – imagine leaving this pen in the hands of a 10-year old boy, he might not power it off after he is done with his creations. When situations like this occur and what you have is the Kuman 100B printing pen, you need not worry because the device will shut down itself after 5 minutes of idleness.

There are so many other interesting features of this device which you’d love. See the detail features below and they help to make this device function amicably.

Design and body structure

This device flaunts a classic design that is not so special because we’ve seen other 3D printing pens with similar designs. It looks sleek by the way and the body is well blended with a strong semi-plastic material for maximum durability.


If you’ve been following this list serially, you’d discover I stopped mentioning this about feature. Well, I’ve mentioned it again here because it is one of the best features of this device. The Kuman 100B 3D pen is packed with advanced clogging features that help to prevent jamming of the filaments. It also comes with a free palette knife painting shovel for art painting tasks. This shows it is a versatile device.

ABS and PLA compatible

Yes, less I forget, although I won’t. This device accepts both PLA and ABS filaments for use in making of stunning 3d prints.

User-Friendly 3D Pen

This is a 3D pen you’ll enjoy using. It is totally user-friendly and packed with great qualities. The Kuman 100N 3D printing pen operates without making any noise.


You’ll like the Kuman 100B 3D printing Pen for many reasons; if not for the cheap price offered, it might just be because of the friendly customer assistance offered by the manufacturer. Also, you get free knife painting shovel for carvings and it can be handled by anyone; both kids and adult (inexperienced and veteran artists).

The sleek and slender design makes it fit into your hand perfectly. With the stepless speed controller, you get to switch extrusion speed seamlessly with just one finger.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer Kuman
Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 8.9 x 6.8 x 2.6 inches
ABS Supported
PLA Supported
Age support 8 years and above


Lightweight with a slender body
Just perfect for everyone including kids above 8 years of age
Manufacturer guarantees the users of maximum satisfaction which I just verified to be true
Supports both ABS and PLA filaments
Brilliant standby function – the device automatically goes off after 5 minutes of not being in use
LCD display, temperature, and speed control button
1-year warranty and unlimited customer support


It has slow extrusion even when you increase the speed
Sometimes the filaments still get jammed

Bottom Line: Kuman 100B 3D printing pen is a solid arts pen for making cool and superior 3D prints. It can be used by anyone above the age of 8 years.

9. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3 – Another Best Budget 3D Printing Pen

Scribbler 3D Printing Pen Review

On the ninth spot is the Scribbler 3D printing pen V3, the best budget 3D printing pen based on my usage. The LCD display is bigger than the one on most 3d pens listed out here and the design is so simple yet complete; just the way I want my 3D printing pen to be.

This 3D art pen is more useful than an average artistic pencil, paintbrush or even watercolor; it’s a special art tool for making 3d creations. Your kid can use this tool to make his/her thoughts come alive; he/she could create 3d dragons, superhero logos, etc. as seen in kiddies’ movies and anime series.

Honestly, you will feel much comfortable handling this 3D printing pen; it has a ceramic nozzle unlike other 3D pens with the copper nozzle. The Scribbler 3D printing pen stands out among other and it automatically shuts off if not being in use for a couple of minutes.

When you buy this Scribbler smart pen from reputable stores, it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and for USA citizens, they get to enjoy a hassle-free customer service support. Because of the ergonomic grip offered by the slender body of this device; you’ll be able to create solid 3D prints in high-precision using this pen.

Design and body build

On your palm, this device is extremely light and slim; you can easily engulf it on your palm. It does not include any metal body part, even the nozzle is made of ceramic and it can be easily detached from the rest of the body for cleaning purposes.

All the buttons including the OLED display unit is well arranged on the body of this 3d pen. As I earlier said – this device design is just the way I’d like my 3D pen to appear. You’ll find this art tool interesting just like I did.

Larger LED screen

All 3d pens on my list come with LCD displays but none has such a big screen like this model. Now, there’ll be less of guess works and more of precise settings with the scribbler 3D pen. You get to see your device temperature and speed level clearly at all time.

Speed and temperature adjustment buttons

There are simple buttons for adjusting the extrusion speed and temperature of your device. Hence, you gain absolute control over your device when applying it on any surface.

Detachable Nozzle

For quick maintenance operation, this 3D pen is equipped with a detachable nozzle which can be easily pulled out and be cleaned. This feature also allows for swift switching of filaments.

Other important features

Automatic standby mode shuts off the device when it’s idle for about 90 seconds. It can be used on various surfaces and accommodates PLA, ABS, Bronze, Wood, Copper, etc. Choose what’s best for your design and go on to make your imaginations come alive.

Freebies included and warranty support

There is a 180-day free replacement guarantee support trusted on this device and a 30-day full money back guarantee. Also, you get some free stuff on the purchase of this device, like; free stencils eBooks and some filaments; this is great for beginners.


Versatility is one of the main things I love most in any gadget, device or machine. I love using on a tool to achieve more than one function and this Scribbler 3D pen did not disappoint me. For every reason or purpose why you need a 3D printing pen, this device will kindly suit your purpose.

The slender and attractive design makes me believe it’ll be loved by any kid you get it for as a present.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer Scribbler
Weight 0.64 lbs
Dimensions 4.0 x 2.0 x 6.0 in.
ABS Supported
PLA Supported
Age support 8 years and above


Suitable for kids and adults
Best at the price offered
Supports ABS, PLA, Bronze, etc
Easy to use in high precision
Backed by guarantee and full-replacement within 80 days of purchase
Auto standby feature


The unclogging feature is not so efficient as supposes
Its gets really hot when used for a long period of time

Bottom Line: Everyone’s gonna like this 3D pen because it does not have any CONS.

10. Lix 3d Smart Pen – The Actual Best 3D Printing Pen

Lix Pen UV 3d Printing Pen Review

My bad, most times I place the best stuff in the last position. So, only patient and careful readers get to know about it. This does not mean my number 1 best pick does not deserve its position up there. The LIX pen UV has what it takes to be the best tool for architects, hobbyist 3d creators, stylists, designers and everyone that love reality artworks.

With the most stunning and sleek design, this is the best 3D printing I’ve ever seen and used. This tiny and distinctive 3D printing pen is a perfect pick for every professional artist seeking to take his/her profession to another level in a stylish way.

Many may say this smartpen is quite expensive, but wait until you get to know its features and how it functions. It appears very different from a stunning design that everyone who loves premium stuff would love.

Every feature you have found on other 3d printing pens are all enhanced in this model for optimal stability and swift usage.

Design and Body Build

Very different from what I have seen for far, the Lix 3D smartpen comes with a stunning sleek body design with clean finish o various colours.

Honestly, it looks more beautiful than other 3D pens and it’s even shorter, still, it packs lots of functional buttons. The body of this device is made with anodized aluminum material all through for promising long lifetime usage.


As I expected from a premium device – the Lix 3D printing pen does not clog at any instance. You’ll never experience any jamming together of filaments when using this device.

Speed control buttons

You will find two-speed control buttons towards the mouth of this pen. The two buttons are made available at that point to for swift adjustment of the filament extrusion speed when using the pen to print.

It fits in comfortably into the body of this device to maintain the still-perfect design the manufacturer crafted out.

Lightweight and portable

The Lix 3D smart pen is very portable and lightweight; anyone can hold on to it comfortably and relaxed while making stunning creations.

Heat up and cools down fast

Remember when I talked about this feature last? It was on the Dikale 3D printing pen at my number 5. This means the Lix Pen UV automatically gets cold when the device gets hot on long usage.

LED screen display?

Unfortunately no! It does not feature a led screen display point but it does a tiny LED display unit that shows the heat level of the device. At least, you get to know when the device has highly heated up.

Freebies included?

Whether I should call these freebies or it’s just the normal accessories that should be packed into the box together with the box. Unboxing the Lix Pen UX, you’ll see; the pen itself, 2 bags of ABS filament random colors (1 bag has 40 ABS rods refills), an external power adapter, and the Lix pen cable.

Warranty and return policy

This device is backed by a 30-days guarantee support. Within this period, your LIX pen can be replaced if it’s not functioning as suppose or you get a total refund of the amount you spent on buying it.

Note: You should only use this device with LIX provided filaments (ABS and PLA)


Honestly, the design of this smartpen is what caught my interest at first sight. It still proved to be a really good 3D printing pen with good versatility.

I figured out that is can be used on any surface without limitations. Its slender body fits into the hand comfortably allowing for high-precision in your 3D creations.

Specifications Overview

Manufacturer LIX
Weight 0.08 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches
ABS Supported
PLA Supported
Age support At least 13 years


Small size, lightweight and portable
Excellent design and distinctive body aesthetics
Supports ABS and PLA filaments
MicroUSB charging port
Easy to use


No LCD screen display
It is quite expensive than supposed

Bottom Line: I’m sure almost everyone loves simplicity. This is why LIX created this device to appear simple and unique. It is a device you can comfortably carry around anywhere you are going, and you can make 3D arts on any surface of your choice even on air.

Best 3D printing pens 2022 – Buying Guide

If you are a newbie in using 3D printing pens, this guide will be of great importance to you. Also, for the expert artists and 3D print lovers; you may also need this guide if you want to buy the best 3D printing pen with awesome technologies.

Understand the functions of 3D pens

This is the first thing you should know before getting a 3D printing pen. How does it really work? The mode of operation of 3D pens differs from brand to brand. But in all, they are used for the same function, which is – making your thought and arts come alive in 3D format. They work similar function with 3D printers but are less expensive, portable, and lighter.

Simplicity and Features

Also, you should check out for the features supported by the model you are about getting for yourself. 3D printing pens with fewer features are stressful and boring to use in making creations. At least, the 3d pen you are going to own should have the following features;

  • LCD display unit for viewing the temperature, heat or speed level of the device
  • Speed and temperature control buttons
  • Micro USB charging point for easy charging

All these printing pens listed here come with all these features supported, you can confidently choose from above.


This is another important factor to watch out for when shopping for the best 3D printing pen 2022. What I mean by versatility includes – support for both ABS and PLA filaments and also ability to be used on various surfaces.

If a 3D pen is as versatile as I have mentioned, you’ll enjoy using it as you can comfortably move around with the device and create arts at any place.

Unfortunately, there is a unit on my list that lacks support for ABS filament and it supports only PLA filaments.

Fast Boot

The normal boot duration of a typical 3D printing pen should be 30 seconds at most. After which, you can start using the device immediately.

Check out other people’s reviews

It is very important you read other people’s review and opinions on the 3D printing pen you wish to buy. This will help you spot the Pros and Cons of the device and see if you can cope with the bad aspects of it.

Sometimes the CONS of a device are overlookable; these online reviews play a very good role in determining the best 3D printing pen that suits your purpose or need.

Warranty and Company Support

Lastly, check out for the company support and warranty support placed on the device. When a company is confident that its product is certainly the best, they go ahead to back it with a solid warranty support. Most 3D printing pen manufacturers went a long way to back their products with up to 1-year warranty support and a lifetime customer service support.

Final thoughts and Conclusion

In my opinion, it is best to get a 3D printing pen that buying a 3D printer. This is because, with the pen, you can create designs anywhere. But it not so with 3D printers; they are too bulky that you can’t carry them alongside their required equipment’s wherever you go.

So when next you want to buy a 3D pen, ensure you read the 3D printing pens reviews just like this one. Have a nice day!

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